Terrorists Smuggling Sperm Out of Israeli Prisons

I just didn’t know what to think when I read this story. Apparently, terrorists in high-security Israeli prisons are smuggling sperm to the outside to impregnate their wives while they’re incarcerated. Why would any prisoner would want to do this? One of the guys was serving 27 life sentences (plus two hundred years for naming his ugly camel Muhammad … that last part was a joke). So you know he’s not ever going to see his wife again. And he’ll never meet his biological son. Or help in Read more […]

Nazi Regulations against Jews Possessing Firearms

What is the end result of gun control legislation?: The complete control of the people. At this present time, we do not see a military takeover of America. What most people are worried about are (1) “moral misfits” who have no regard for the law and (2) Islamic sleeper cells that could position themselves to go after “soft targets.” Adam Lanza didn’t try to enter a gun show; he went to a “soft target” elementary school where he knew that he would not meet any significant resistance. Read more […]