Hillary Clinton Considered Causing Protests in Israel

When I first heard this news I was amazed. But then I realized that it wasn’t as bad as what we did in Ukraine. The Washington Free Beacon reports, “Clinton Considered Secret Plan to Spark Palestinian Protests.” Former secretary of state Hillary Clinton considered a secret plan created by her then-advisers to foment unrest among Palestinian citizens and spark protests in order to push the Israeli government back to the negotiating table, according to emails released as part of the investigation Read more […]

The NSA Is the Executive Branch’s Political Tool

Awhile back Mark Horne pointed out that if our masters really needed the NSA for terrorism they wouldn’t be using its illegal spy powers for industrial espionage. Indeed, learning about NSA misbehavior cost Boeing business in Brazil. The recent scandal of the NSA spying on Congress demonstrates the same lesson. Representative Mark Meadows of North Carolina writes at the Washington Examiner (emphasis added), According to recent reports, the Obama administration condoned the spying on of senior Read more […]

Obama’s Caliphate Getting Closer as 2016 Nears

If you haven’t seen the Dinesh D’Souza movie “2016: Obama’s America,” it’s a worthwhile watch. If you have seen it, now’s a good time to dust off the DVD and watch it again. As we near the beginning of 2016, it’s more than a little unnerving to see D’Souza’s prediction about Obama working to create a new caliphate moving closer to reality. Produced before the 2012 election, the documentary explores Obama’s life and motivations, then projects what the world will look like in 2016 if he were Read more […]

Should Christians Support Israel in Everything They Do?

Is it possible to go so far to support Israel that we endorse evil? I am posting about this article for discussion, not to endorse the entire perspective of the writer: “When Theology Is So Pro-Israel That It Becomes Anti-Christian.” There is a side to the story of modern Israel that is very rarely discussed in America, but which needs to be part of our conversation about the best “solution” for the ongoing conflicts there. Whereas in the West we often hear the phrase “Country _____ wants Read more […]

Obama, Media Foiled as Netanyahu Pulls Off Stunning Win

The fat lady is singin’ in Israel today, loud and clear. Despite recent snubs by President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and the majority of the Democratic Party; despite predictions by the media of a tight race and possible loss; despite endless invective by pro-Palestinian groups; despite the rise in global anti-Semitism that has inspired Progressive types to call for a “softer” Israel — Bibi pulled it out of his hat. Not only was Israel’s election a win for Netanyahu’s Likud Party, it was a sweeping Read more […]

Report: AP Used Children to Stage Anti-Israel Photo Series

The Associated Press used Palestinian children to fake anti-Israel photos during its investigative series on last summer’s Hamas-Israel war, according to the New York Observer. The series, released in February, portrayed Israel as “a serial violator of the norms of warfare, wantonly and indiscriminately slaughtering civilians,” according to the Observer’s article. Among the AP’s many liberties, it described the dead father of a Palestinian boy as a “policeman,” when in fact he was a jihadi Read more […]

HarperCollins Unmakes Israel for Middle East Customers

If people in the Middle East want Israel driven off the map, HarperCollins believes the customer is always right. I don’t think what HarperCollins is doing should be illegal. But I do think it is wrong and demonstrates, again, why conservatives can’t trust corporations as defenders of freedom. In this case, HarperCollins has decided to sell atlases in the Middle East. The results are problematic. As the Telegraph reports, “HarperCollins omits Israel from school atlas.” HarperCollins, Read more […]

Most Transparent Administration in History Gives Advocacy Group State Secrets Privilege

Back during the Bush Administration, the regime invoked the state secrets privilege to halt a lawsuit against the National Security Agency’s warrantless wiretapping program and stop one against the Central Intelligence Agency’s torture of terrorist suspects. Now Eric Holder’s Justice Department is using the state-secrets privilege to end a lawsuit against a public advocacy group, United Against Nuclear Iran, that is supposed to be privately funded. The New York Times reports, The lawsuit, Read more […]

Pray for Christians in the Middle East

What about Christians in the Middle East? Never again? I guess it only applies to the group who trumpets that phrase. The thought comes to me when I read and watch this post: “A Christian Holocaust in our Midst.” We had a guest speaker at Church Sunday–one who grew up in Israel, and speaks fluent Arabic. His presentation was a breath of fresh air for me, in that he presented his assessment of what’s happening in the Middle East (Iraq, Syria, Israel, etc.) that affirmed my own research from afar. Israel Read more […]

Madeline Albright: World We Made Is “a Mess” and We’re Doing a Great Job

Politico.com’s report on Madeline Albright demonstrates how the ruling class takes credit for talking “boldly” or “straightforwardly” about horrible situations that they themselves have created. And no matter what their record they always assume they are the most qualified to fix those situations. Usually I think the financial sector is the most powerful demonstration of this phenomenon where the people who caused the problems and had no clue about the problems are given unquestioning credit Read more […]

Kerry Plays ‘Stupid American’ Again in Gaza Conflict

As the Gaza conflict shows us again: one of the problems with the Obama Administration is that the people who should be doing their jobs are on perpetual vacation, and the people who should just go play golf are at their jobs making a bigger mess of things. While King Putt’s absentee imperial presidency seems to have been left to roll along without Barack Obama’s physical presence, Secretary of State John Kerry should just sit down and take a break from trying to bring peace to the Middle East. Better Read more […]

Hamas Murders Teens, Israel Strikes — Here We Go Again

Israeli Air Force jets struck back at 34 targets in the Gaza Strip after the bodies of three kidnapped Israeli teens turned up, having apparently been tortured and murdered by members of Hamas. We’ve seen this sort of thing countless times before. Because the Palestinian Authority has allied itself with Hamas, the jokingly named “peace process” is about to plunge into another cycle of violence. President Obama, demonstrating his usual pro-Muslim insight, warned Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu Read more […]