After Greece, Will Italy be Next?

The capital of Italy is said to be on the verge of collapse. Spain or Portugal may go first, but this story in the Telegraph about the situation in Rome makes me wonder if Italy is going to be next to follow Greece despite the competition for that “honor”: “Rome is on the verge of collapse and needs urgent repair, leaders warn.” The Eternal City is facing crisis, with its administration engulfed in corruption scandals and debt, its roads scarred by pot-holes, the main airport partially Read more […]

Greek Debt Implosion Starting to Ripple Outward

The Greek debt crisis is affecting global markets; things are just getting started. It seems like the event that Bob Allen has often warned us about is finally beginning. The New York Times reported yesterday, “Greece’s Debt Crisis Sends Stocks Falling Around the Globe.” Global markets shuddered on Monday after Greece closed its banks amid fears that the country was headed toward default. Stocks slumped on Wall Street, after markets in Europe were buffeted by worries that the Greek debt Read more […]

Immigrant Populations of Violent Muslims?

What kind of immigrant populations can the West successfully assimilate? A BBC report illustrates the kind of problems that Europe and the United States are facing with the prospects of mass immigration. I don’t think this story, by itself, can prove anything about what immigration policy should be, but I do think that it demonstrates why we need to think about these issues. It also demonstrates that a knee-jerk political correctness could have deadly consequences. A culture where it is easy Read more […]

Sudan Christian Woman Rescued by Vatican & Italian Government; US State Department MIA

Sudan Christian woman Meriam Ibrahim, with her baby in her arms, is shown in the video below deplaning in Italy: So we now have good reason to believe that Ibrahim is finally safe. And who rescued this wife of an American citizen? Not the U.S. State Department but the Pope and the Italian government. Here are some quotations from the Telegraph: Meriam Ibrahim, the Christian woman who was spared a death sentence for apostasy and then barred from leaving Sudan, met Pope Francis on Thursday Read more […]

Europe Learns that Green Energy is an Economic Drain

I have noted before that “green energy” in Barack Obama’s agenda, is stretched enough to include natural gas from fracking. This was a smart move because fracking–mining natural gas–is an industry that has developed on its own, stimulated by nothing more than the chance to make a profit. No one started bringing natural gas to the energy market in order to save the environment. They did it because they knew it was valuable and that customers would pay money for it. Most or all other “green Read more […]

If At First You Do Not Secede Try, Try Again

It isn’t just Crimea from Ukraine. Last night BBC reported that Venetians are voting on whether or not to secede from Italy. Recent opinion polls suggest that two-thirds of the four million electorate favour splitting from Rome, but the vote will not be legally binding. The poll was organised by local activists and parties, who want a future state called Republic of Veneto. This would be reminiscent of the sovereign Venetian republic that existed for more than 1,000 years. A focal point Read more […]

In Europe, Betraying Wives And Girlfriends Is Not Restricted To Politicians

A self-reported 58% “faithful” rate makes Britons the best in Europe. Wow. From the Telegraph: “Britons ‘most faithful partners’ in Europe.” Italian men are in joint pole position with their French cousins, with 55 per cent of males from both countries saying that they have had sexual relations with a woman other than the person they were in a relationship with. British men scored far lower, but were shown to be no angels, with 42 per cent of them saying they had had an affair, Read more […]

US Auto Bailout Forced US Taxpayers To Prop Up Failing Italian Company

Do we really need any more examples of why the government should never be allowed to meddle in companies that just need to go bankrupt? Oh, why not one more. From the Open Market blog: In the 2009 deal overseen by the Obama administration’s auto task force, Fiat paid no money to acquire its initial 20 percent stake in Chrysler — only contributing some of its intellectual property, instead. Fiat would later pay $2.2 billion to raise its stake in the company to 58.5 percent. Continuing the Read more […]

Social Services Forces C-Section On Foreign Mother To Snatch Baby Before She Leaves Country

I am trying to wrap my head around this scenario. A pregnant Italian woman left her country in order to attend an airline training course. For some reason, despite a diagnosed bipolar disorder, she apparently stopped taking her medication. She suffered a panic attack, which her relations believe was due to her failure to take regular medication for an existing bipolar condition. She called the police, who became concerned for her well-being and took her to a hospital, which she then realised Read more […]

The Cruise from Hell that Made America

Cruises are great. My wife and children have been on several of them. I’ve never been on a cruise from hell, however. There have been several of them in the past few years. While my wife and I were on a cruise in the Western Caribbean out of Galveston, we got news of the January 2012 cruise ship in Tuscany, Italy, that toppled onto its side and left the 4200 aboard with no cruise and 32 dead and 64 injured. Let’s not forget the Titanic that on its “maiden voyage in 1912 . . . sank into the Read more […]