Harvard Preps Students for Ideological Confrontation with Their Families

If you are running a cult, your best means of preserving loyalty is to not let your followers leave the compound. But if you have to let them out of your sight, it is important that you prepare them to stay true to the faith by teaching them what to say. That will prepare them for ideological confrontation. If they start arguments, they are less likely to let their guard down and let their parents influence them. Thus, Reason.com reports, Fearful that students heading home for the holidays will Read more […]

Liberals: Let’s Plunder Ivy League Endowments

Ivy League endowments are so tempting for money-hungry liberals who want to increase government debt leverage. The headline at Slate is quite clear: “Is It Time to Tax Harvard’s Endowment?” Of course, Jordan Weissmann’s editorial is not just aimed at Harvard. It is aimed at all Ivy League endowments. I pretty much hate schools like Harvard and Yale. They rule us and control institutions like the Supreme Court. But I still hate Weissmann’s proposal. In 2014, the university’s legendary Read more […]

Ivy League Schools Only Want Token Asians

Asians realize that Ivy leagues schools, for which they are more than qualified, are using a race quota system to keep them out. The liberal hypocrisy this reveals is amazing. To hear the White Liberal establishment, racial quotas are necessary to help minorities. They never come out and say that they want to use quotas to hamper minorities and support the White majority. But there is reason to believe that the gatekeepers at Ivy League schools have decided that there are too many qualified Asians Read more […]

Harvard Promotes Big Business, Big Government Cronyism

By conferring a teaching position on Eric Cantor, Harvard promotes Big Business politics that the voters are rejecting. One of the greatest victories won against the establishment political class  in the United States was the defeat of Eric Cantor by David Brat. Brat ran an anti-cronyism, anti-corruption campaign and Cantor’s campaign had no idea how appealing that was to voters, even when confronted with evidence. The mainstream press sobbed in print out of pity for Big Business after Read more […]