Government Bureaucrats Can’t Predict Our Economic Future

Whether it is managing healthcare or alternative energy, our government bureaucrats repeatedly fail to see our economic future. As we all know, our stock market is finally starting to shred the delusions that have built it up over the past months and years. One major domino that started the cascade was China’s experience of the same thing. When China started to show major signs of shredding, Jack Lew was asked about it. Jack Lew is President Barack Obama’s Secretary of the Treasury. I’d Read more […]

A Woman on the Ten Dollar Bill? Why I Prefer Hillary on the Twenty.

The Treasury Secretary wants a woman on the ten dollar bill and I would rather not disgrace any woman I admire with a Federal Reserve note. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew says he is removing Alexander Hamilton from the ten dollar bill and putting a woman on it. I have heard people suggest women such as Susan B. Anthony the pro-life suffragette. I’m sure Lew has someone much less wholesome in mind. I hope so. I think Susan B. Anthony was a good person. Why would I want to smear her name by associating Read more […]

Government Lies: No Debt Growth for 40 Days

In one more instance of government lying, the Treasury Department claimed that no debt growth took place since March 13. We all know how it works. If Veterans Affairs has a legal obligation to provide for troopers on a wait list within a certain amount of time, the bureaucrats will simply create another list and let many veterans languish on it. Unless there are consequences to this kind of fraudulent criminal behavior it will be used to evade the force of the laws and regulations that the Read more […]

Treasury Madness: Go into Record Debt to Repay Debt

It is insanity to repay debt with more debt, but that is how the U.S. government works. This is what the mainstream media has been pushing for years. So no one should be surprised at what the Treasury Secretary, Jack Lew, has done.  As I wrote last year: “So according to Reuters, economists, and CEOs, The salvation of the economy lies in increased spending and increased debt. This is the insane philosophy that lies behind the current attack on the Tea Party. This is what lies behind the Read more […]

The National Debt Keeps Piling Up, But Government Boasts

Record taxes mean that the Feds “only” added a half-trillion dollars to the national debt this year. Let’s celebrate? You know you’re doomed when your Secretary of the Treasury takes a “victory lap” simply because the Federal Government devoured an all-time record of citizens’ hard-earned money—and it still spent half-a-trillion more than it plundered! [See also, “Obama Doesn’t Remember the National Debt Figure.”] From the Washington Times: “Obama’s cash grab: Feds’ tax-take Read more […]

Why Not Make the U.S. a “Tax Haven” for Corporations? Or for Everyone?!

We Americans like to flatter ourselves that we have the lowest taxes in the Western “Democracies.” That’s because we look at individual tax rates. When it comes to corporations, our tax rates are not low at all. There are many countries that leave businesses alone to make a profit. They collect their tax revenue, after wealth has been produced, by taxing incomes. In fact, there are countries with such lower rates that U.S. companies are being acquired more and more by foreign companies so Read more […]

Not Enough Generations Of Our Children Are Enslaved Yet, So Let’s Make It Worse

From Business Insider: “The New Debt Ceiling Deadline Is Going To Be Earlier Than We Thought.” Lew warned in the new letter that Congress will likely need to raise the debt ceiling by late February to avoid a potential default on the country’s obligations.  As part of the bill to reopen the government in mid-October, the debt limit was suspended through Feb. 7. The Treasury can use so-called “extraordinary measures” after that point to keep borrowing and paying the nation’s bills for a few Read more […]

US Recommends The EU Plunder Their People To Support Bankers

My first thought upon reading this was the well-worn phrase: The lunatics are running the asylum. From Reuters: “Analysis: America to Europe: Stronger banking union would help boost growth.” The United States has a message for Europe: If you want to help your ailing economy, consider pledging taxpayer money from across the euro zone to help troubled banks. Washington dispatched Treasury Secretary Jack Lew this week to Paris, Berlin and Lisbon in part to convey concerns about the euro zone’s Read more […]

USA Today’s Good News Shows Readers How Bad The Looming Debt Crisis Will Be

The fact that this is considered positive news about the deficit demonstrates how doomed we really are: The budget deficit for Fiscal Year 2013 dropped to $680.3 billion, the government reported Wednesday — the first time in five years the shortfall has been below $1 trillion. Both the Obama administrations and congressional Republicans cited their own cost-cutting efforts. The deficit “is now less than half of what it was when the president took office,” said Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew in Read more […]

Tea Party Groups Sue IRS Over Targeting

The White House would love nothing more than to be able to sweep its scandals under the rug and forget they ever happened. They’ve been trying to convince everyone that the IRS scandal was just the result of a couple agents in Cincinnati targeting conservative and tea party groups on their own without any supervision. And since Steven Miller resigned (he was resigning anyway), and Lois Lerner was put on leave, that should fix everything. And you can’t forget Sarah Hall Ingram:  “The Obamacare Read more […]

Treasury Secretary: Raise the Debt Ceiling; It’s “Not Open to Debate”

Here we are at the debt limit again, and the new Treasury Secretary Jack Lew is urging Congress to go ahead and approve a higher limit so that Congress can continue to borrow money whenever it wants in the name of protecting America’s and the world’s economy. In a letter to Speaker Boehner, Lew stated that the issue of raising the debt limit is “not open to debate”:  “[I]ncreasing the debt limit does not increase spending or authorize new spending; rather, it simply permits the United Read more […]