Edward Snowden Empowered Congress to Deal with the NSA

I’m not saying Congress is doing a great job, but they would still be doing nothing if Edward Snowden hadn’t decided to blow the whistle. This interesting piece by NPR (“The Challenge Of Keeping Tabs On The NSA’s Secretive Work.”) contains an amazing admission about how Snowden empowered Congress: Again and again, the leadership of the intelligence community has said one thing in public and done quite another in private,” laments Ron Wyden, an Oregon Democrat who’s also on the Senate intelligence Read more […]

Eric Holder Will Not Investigate James Clapper; Renders Congress Useless for Defending Americans from Spying

Yesterday morning I heard Judge Andrew Napolitano interviewed by a local Fox radio talk show about James Clapper. He mentioned something I didn’t know: that lying to Congress is illegal whether or not you are under oath. So it doesn’t matter if Clapper technically committed perjury (that is, whether or not he was under oath when he lied to Congress) because the penalty is the same. And we now know that Clapper has admitted that the NSA has not only tracked “metadata” without a warrant, Read more […]

If The NSA Admits The Data Is Insecure, Why Are They Permitted To Collect It?

James Clapper should be prosecuted for lying to Congress, so instead he gets sympathetic propaganda in the Daily Beast. Of course he does. But even in the Daily Beast the truth comes out: Clapper also acknowledges that the very human nature of the bureaucracy he controls virtually insures that more mass disclosures are inevitable. “In the end,” he says, “we will never ever be able to guarantee that there will not be an Edward Snowden or another Chelsea Manning because this is a large enterprise Read more […]

Edward Snowden’s Interview In Germany

[Editor’s note: The embed code has given me bizarre problems! If you don’t see it above, here is the video at LiveLeak.com] The interview virtually no American media source reported, and which was repeatedly scrubbed from most all of the mainstream Web video services. Listening to Mr. Snowden… I see why the American political and security establishment is so very afraid of this man, [and wants him dead. Hero, traitor… you tell me. Read more […]

How You Know It’s Bad: One Tyrant Calls Out Another

You know it’s bad when one architect of egregious Constitutional violations says that another violator should be fired and prosecuted. From The Hill: Rep. James Sensenbrenner Jr., the original author of the Patriot Act, says Director of National Intelligence James Clapper should be prosecuted for lying to Congress. “Lying to Congress is a federal offense, and Clapper ought to be fired and prosecuted for it,” the Wisconsin Republican said in an interview with The Hill. He said the Justice Department Read more […]