FBI: Don’t Malign Our Assault on the Fourth Amendment

The FBI Director has complained about the media commenting on their assault on the Fourth Amendment. You may remember that I posted about a horrible action perpetrated by the FBI in vandalizing a suspects internet service so that they thought they needed a repair in their hotel rooms, posing as repairmen to get invited in, and then performing some warrantless searching. Mike Massnick of TechDirt has written about how the FBI Director James Comey is responding to criticism of that and other Read more […]

FBI Director Acknowledges Common Sense of the American People

I have no idea why he said them, but I really appreciate the words recently spoken by the FBI director. From the Washington Times: FBI Director James Comey has a message for Americans: be suspicious of the federal government. Mr. Comey told the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday that in the wake of the Edward Snowden scandal he could understand why Americans would be worried about government overreach. “I believe people should be suspicious of government power. I am,” Mr. Comey said, Read more […]

Obama Weeps For Economic Hardships Of FBI Agents

It seems that recruiting weirdoes to be terrorists and offering them training and financing to do crimes they would never have tried on their own, and then busting them and claiming that you “foiled” a terrorist plot is hard and expensive work. Never fear, Obama promises he will always have the FBI’s back no matter what those evil Tea Party Republicans do. President Obama on Monday assured employees of the Federal Bureau of Investigation that he would fight to keep politics from interfering Read more […]