Eric Holder Rolls Over Congress . . . Again

Eric Holder, like the rest of Obama’s administration, prefers to communicate in writing when on the record. He crafts statements, attempting to weasel out of criminal actions, once he’s been caught. He was at it again, Thursday, before the House Judiciary Committee. Holder, no slouch when it comes to deceit and bending the law, stated that the investigation against FOX reporter James Rosen was “appropriate” and that the Committee “might have misinterpreted (his) remarks.” Ain’t that Read more […]

Exposing the Enemy of the People

In America, our founders took many hardships and pains to ensure the American people would not be blind in one eye. Their sacrifice, their actions, their writings and our founding documents insure that American citizens may have both eyes wide open to detect tyranny and bring proper justice upon it. At the present time, Obama’s administration is being perpetually exposed in scandal, leading to a snowball effect of denial by the administration and the anticipation of how the American people will Read more […]

DOJ Targeted Conservative Fox News Staffers

First the IRS targeted conservatives and then the EPA is accused of doing the same thing.  Now we learn that the Department of Justice (under AG Eric Holder should be named the Department of Injustice) not only went after the phone records of AP reporters, but they have also targeted three members of Fox News and did so without their knowledge. James Rosen, Fox News’ chief Washington correspondent is known for his adamant First Amendment stand.  It seems that in 2009, Rosen reported on what Read more […]

The Media Got Used by Obama and They Can’t Admit it

First the AP was violated by the Justice Department infringing on their first amendment rights. Today, according to Fox News, it is learned that Fox reporter, James Rosen, has been accused by the FBI of being “at the very least, either as an aider, abettor, and/or co-conspirator.” That’s marginally better than the Justice Department’s more blunt contention. They are calling Mr. Rosen “a criminal co-conspirator.” The investigation is said to be related to leaks of classified information Read more […]