Open Letter To Jackie Robinson: Apologies For Media’s Comparison To New Gay Athlete

Dear Jackie Robinson, What does it feel like? What goes on in your mind when the Democratic media trivializes your courage, your legacy, the opposition you faced, by relating it all to that of a gay man whom they and most of society are all too eager to accept? You had no choice whether or not you were black. You could not alter your biology to make life less difficult for you. Jason Collins, on the other hand, whom the Democrats’ have crowned their hero for his accomplishment of the historical Read more […]

Obama Congratulates NBA Star For “Coming Out”

Obama said he “couldn’t be prouder” of NBA star Jason Collins for announcing to the world that he was a homosexual. And I’m sure if Obama had a son, he’d look something like Jason. Here was Obama’s endorsement:  “He seems like a terrific young man, and I told him I couldn’t be prouder of him. One of the extraordinary measures of progress that we’ve seen in this country has been the recognition that the LGBT community deserves full equality, not just partial equality, not just Read more […]

Why Haven’t These Homosexual Stories Been Reported?

The Jason Collins “I’m gay . . . I’m out . . . I’m proud . . .  and I play basketball” story is all over the internet. There are other homosexual stories that barely get a mention. Why? Because they go against the gay narrative. Recently, Family Research Council released video footage of Floyd Corkins, the homosexual activist who walked into the lobby of the Family Research Council in August 2012 with a semi-automatic pistol and a backpack filled with 100 rounds of ammunition and 15 Read more […]