Jay Leno Dumped For Political Reasons? What Kind Of Regime Do We Live In?

Some may believe the report while others may doubt it. But the fact that the story can be told credibly tells us something undeniably true and undeniably evil about our current regime. The headline at Infowars.com is “Johnny Carson’s Head Writer Hints Leno Was Ditched Over Obama Jokes.” They are basing the claim on this editorial on Breitbart.com written by Raymond Siller, who is introduced as a longtime writer for the Johnny Carson show. The New York Times makes it clear that Leno was Read more […]

NBC: The Founders Would be Outraged With Edward Snowden

Meet the Press’s David Gregory was on Leno the other night, and they were talking about the NSA’s snooping policies and the tired question about whether Edward Snowden is a traitor or hero. If you remember, David Gregory is the guy who brought a 30-round gun magazine on his show at the height of the gun control debate. His studio resides in D.C., which has a law prohibiting possession of any magazine with over a 10-round capacity. He was found in violation of that law, but the Attorney General Read more […]

“Illegal Immigrants” Get a Description Makeover

On a day when White House Senior Advisor Mike Allen complains that The Drudge Report has traction with pundits in the news game, Drudge reports that the Associated Press will no longer use the phrase “illegal immigrant.” Having jettisoned the phrase “illegal alien” light years ago, the AP has now declared that “illegal immigrant” is no longer to be included in their “Stylebook of Phrases.” They will instead offer less “judgmental” phrases. They haven’t yet come up with an Read more […]

Late Night Jokes are on Romney

Yesterday, the Center for Media and Public Affairs released its findings regarding political candidates and late-night talk show hosts. Not surprisingly, Mitt Romney was the butt of the vast majority of the jokes: nearly three times more than Obama—148 to 62. Most readers will find that this data confirms what they already believed about late-night media, but what is of particular interest is just how much presidential election humor has dwindled when compared with the 2008 election. Four years Read more […]