Jeb Bush’s Losses Keep Piling Up

I know there are those who still think he is in the running. I, too, can’t get over my dread that he still has a way to win the Republican nomination. But that seems to be getting less and less likely. Thus, the Washington Times headline: “Jeb Bush burns through campaign cash, slides in polls.” Mr. Bush and his super PAC burned through more than half of the $133 million they raised in the first three quarters this year. The return on that investment has been a drop in polls from about 15 percent Read more […]

Hillary Clinton Claims Republicans Will Repeal Obamacare. Probably Lying.

Wouldn’t if be nice if Hillary was speaking the truth? CNS News tells us, “Hillary Clinton: Republicans ‘Would Repeal the Affordable Care Act’” In her opening statement at the third Democratic presidential debate hosted by ABC News at St. Anselm College in New Hampshire on Saturday night, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that Democrats have to “prevent the Republicans from rolling back the progress that we’ve made.” “They would repeal the Affordable Care Act–not improve Read more […]

The Paris Climate Summit Is a Bush Legacy

Politico has an interesting story that reveals, among other things, why conservatives should work to defeat Jeb Bush: “Who gets credit for climate accord? W, that’s who.” You read that right. The very same Republican president who doubted global warming science and fought new Environmental Protection Agency climate policies all the way to the Supreme Court merits a spot in the history books for kick-starting the very same negotiations that are about to bear fruit in Paris. The story never brings Read more […]

Republican Candidates Poll Better than Hillary

The Fox headline, in my opinion, is rather biased: “FOX News Poll: Rubio does best against Clinton in 2016 ballot test.” Republicans want a candidate who can beat Hillary Clinton. A new Fox News poll finds Marco Rubio performs best against the presumptive Democratic nominee. Rubio has an eight-point edge: 50 percent to Clinton’s 42 percent. This isn’t inaccurate, but I think the more amazing story is that Hillary doesn’t poll better than any top Republican candidate! Then again, Clinton — Read more […]

If Bush Era Is Over Why Is Hillary Clinton Inevitable?

Republicans are through with Bushes but Hillary Clinton has the nomination locked. The Bush era is over, writes Edward Luce in the Financial Times: Jeb’ll fix it” is the latest mantra of Jeb Bush’s flailing campaign. Whatever problem America faces, Florida’s former governor has the nous to solve it. Alas, Jeb’s reinvention as a regular Joe with a toilet plunger is unlikely to fix his own campaign. Just one in 25 Republican voters now support him. Big donors are looking elsewhere. At Read more […]

Can Jeb Bush Campaign as an Outsider for Iowa Voters?

While the Jeb Bush campaign operation is effective, it is hard to believe that it can portray him as a political outsider. Obviously, many voters in this campaign want someone who is (or who seems to be) an “outsider” to Washington, DC, and professional politics. Can Jeb Bush campaign in such a way as to actually attract such voters? Politico has reported on such efforts under the headline, “Jeb Bush’s Identity Crisis.” Jeb Bush is desperate to win over Republicans who reward Read more […]

Jeb Bush was Heroic for Saying ‘Stuff Happens’

Jeb Bush said “Stuff Happens” in response to a mass shooting; I wish he and other politicians would say it more often. Jeb Bush is low on the polls, which I assume explains why he is speaking such common sense lately. The CNN headline tells us, “Democrats pounce as Bush defends ‘stuff happens’ remarks.” Jeb Bush is defending a comment he made Friday afternoon in the wake of the Oregon college shooting, when he said “stuff happens,” and argued that officials should fight the impulse to react Read more […]

Jeb Bush Is Right about Soak the Rich

When he points out that tax breaks for the rich are not “unfair,” Jeb Bush Is right. I suppose this Politico headline will enrage many voters: “Jeb Bush defends tax breaks for wealthy.” The wealthiest Americans would receive sharply higher tax breaks under Jeb Bush’s tax proposal, the former Florida governor says, because they pay a disproportionate share of taxes in the first place. “The simple fact is 1 percent of people pay 40 percent of all the taxes,” Bush said on “Fox News Read more […]

What Made Jeb a “Frontrunner” Other than the Bush Name?

The Bush name is why Jeb is treated as special in this election, so why is the media pretending that he is just now “embracing” it? The Washington Post expects us to be mesmerized by their contrived narrative: “Is Jeb Bush ready to embrace his last name?” He didn’t plan to say it. But two hours into the second Republican presidential debate, Jeb Bush took a firm stand. “He kept us safe,” he said. The quick and simple defense of his brother George W. Bush earned one of the loudest rounds Read more […]

Voters Hate the Dynasty: GOP Needs to Dump Bush

The Bush/Clinton dynasty is turning away voters, especially Republicans. Why is the RNC committing suicide? I just saw this brief video embedded in a Washington Post column: As you can hopefully see, the video was produced and posted by the Donald Trump campaign. I’m no fan of Donald Trump but if no one else will use such obvious material, and if Jeb Bush is stupid enough to provide such material, then the Bushians are going to need to assassinate him or frame him for a crime (hopefully Read more […]

Why the Establishment Thinks Jeb Bush Can Win the Primary

If you don’t think Jeb Bush can win, you need to think about how the numbers work with multiplying candidates. In considering why the Republican Establishment thinks Jeb Bush can win, remember: The people sponsoring Jeb Bush are pretty sure they will be just as happy if Hillary Clinton wins. That is important because it means a disaffected conservative base that refuses to go to the polls resulting in a Hillary Clinton victory does not frighten them. If the Republican nominee is Jeb Bush and Read more […]

Ted Cruz Is Rising in Polls despite Trump

While Ted Cruz dropped for awhile among all the other candidates, he has begun ascending with voters even in the shadow of Trump. I posted earlier that Jeb Bush has benefitted from Donald Trump’s entry into the race. The fact that few people are noticing what Ted Cruz is doing supports that theory to an extent. But it isn’t entirely succeeding in making Jeb the alternative to Trump yet. Cruz is ahead of Jeb Bush in some polls. Byron York writes at the Washington Examiner about what has Read more […]