If Amnesty is Popular, Why Did 5 Dems Vote against It? And the GOP Caucus?

We are assured by many sources that amnesty is popular with the American people. The fact is that, at most, immigration is a really low priority for many voters. At least, that is what polls have said not too long ago. But now we have direct evidence that Democrats and Republicans alike know that voting for “immigration reform” is an unpopular decision. As the Daily Caller reports, Sen. Jeff Sessions pressured five Senate Democrats — plus the entire GOP caucus — to symbolically Read more […]

A Congressman Explains Barack Obama’s Executive Overreach on Immigration

Unilaterally extending amnesty to illegal immigrants would be executive overreach. Congressman Jeff Sessions explained why it would be wrong and illegal for Barack Obama to do so. According to CNS News: Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) took to the Senate floor Wednesday to blast the president’s reported plan to use his executive authority to provide amnesty to illegal immigrants by scaling back deportations and granting them work permits, saying Congress must not allow the president use executive Read more […]

Over 7 Million Have Left Workforce During Barack Obama’s Reign

Isn’t it time for the President to suddenly declare, as if he had never said it before, that jobs are his number one priority for the next two or three seconds? The numbers came out today, provoking a response from Senator Jeff Sessions: “Today’s jobs numbers are only enough to tread even with population growth, maintaining unemployment at 6.3 percent. When you include discouraged workers, the unemployment rate doubles to an alarming 12.2 percent. There are still 3.2 million fewer full-time Read more […]

Senators Call Barack Obama Out For Executive Cancellation of Immigration Laws

“Congress must work to end the lawlessness and restore constitutional order.” Thus spoke Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama (Republican). He was referring to the need to deal with the White House’s unilateral refusal to enforce immigration law and the possibility that they will even go further. According to Breitbart: On Thursday, 22 Republican senators, including even Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), denounced President Barack Obama in a scathing letter for threatening America’s Read more […]

Senate Won’t Seek A Budget Resolution; Republicans Can Only Blame Themselves

Democrat Senator Patty Murray is the Chairwoman of the Budget Committee and she says that there is no need for a resolution. Thus, we read in Politico: The Senate will rely on the spending levels set by the two-year budget document written by Murray (D-Wash.) and House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and passed by Congress in December. Government funding runs out in October and Murray said her deal with Ryan will provide a sufficient guide to appropriators to keep Washington running into the Read more […]

EPA Administrator Doesn’t Want To Contradict Obama On Global Warming: Refuses To Say

What happens when politicians take over science is completely predictable. But we don’t always get such a perfect illustration of the results: Environmental Protection Agency administrator Gina McCarthy wasn’t able to definitively say whether the world has gotten warmer in Senate testimony. Alabama Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions asked McCarthy to confirm a statement made by President Obama last year that global temperatures were increasing faster in the last five or ten years than climate scientists Read more […]