Was the Michael Brown Shooting Justified? What If It Was?

A former police chief speaks on the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson. St. Louis needs to brace for impact. Police have done themselves no favors by heavy-handed and unnecessary tactics in so many instances, but you still have to let the evidence speak in each individual case, and never render final judgment until all of the facts are on the table. But, according to this local CBS story, it looks like those facts are going to go in a different direction than many protestors expected. Information Read more […]

Is Jesse Jackson Sr. On Drugs During CNN Interview?

Unfortunately, I’ve heard Jesse Jackson speak on way too many occasions over the years.  Most of his ramblings and accusations of racial hatred were espoused in a clear sharp voice.  In fact, I often wish his words were so slurred and jumbled that no one could understand what he was saying. I heard Jackson in Phoenix years ago accusing a store manager for stopping a shoplifter.  The thief resisted arrest and fought back against the manager and a security guard.  They did their best to subdue Read more […]

Black Principal Promotes Tutoring for Colored Only Students

Andre Pearson is the principal of Mission Viejo Elementary School in Aurora, Colorado.  In an effort to help students struggling with various subjects, he started an after school tutoring program.  Like any good principal, Pearson sent a letter home to parents to inform them of the new tutoring program. Unlike most principals, Pearson’s letter contained a bold statement of racial discrimination, only this time it discriminated against white students.  On the first line of the letter, it stated Read more […]

Did You Know Christmas is about a Homeless Couple?

Every Christmas season we hear the inevitable revisionist version of the Christmas story in order to further government programs. Jesse Jackson was the first to do it in the December 26, 1988 issue if Jet Magazine. The title of the article was “Jesse Jackson Tells the Real Meaning of Christmas.” He made the same claim in 1991.1 He repeated his “homeless couple” theme at the 1992 Democratic Convention: “We hear a lot of talk Read more […]The Atlanta Journal/Constitution (December 28, 1991), A9. [↩]

How Black Leaders Exploit Their People for Political and Financial Gain

The killing of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman showed how liberals — especially blacks — care more about getting the political upper hand than affecting long-term change in black communities. Black communities across America are disintegrating. Welfare policies pushed by liberal do-gooders have created a perpetual dependant class — good for winning elections but bad for the overall health of black families. While the killing of Trayvon Martin was a tragedy, there are daily tragedies in Read more […]