Jihad! “Peaceful” Islam is on the Move

Hateful grafitti in the name of Allah is beginning to appear in European cities.  This is not happening in Iraq or another place in the Middle East.  This is happening in Gothenburg, Sweden, where violent messages were painted on a restaurant. The mainstream media protects Islam and calls it the religion of peace, but this is just a smokescreen.  All over the world, Islam has been violently attacking and killing people with whom they disagree. The Daily Star Reports: The Arabic letter Read more […]

Jihawg Ammo: Putting the “Ham” in Muhammad

For years, my pastor used to recommend that we dip our ammo in pig’s blood and tell Muslim terrorists we were doing it. He said this would end the Muslim jihad against us overnight. Pork is “haraam” to Muslims, meaning it is sinful—unclean. According to my pastor, if you eat or even touch pork as a Muslim, you cannot enter paradise until you are cleansed. Haraam should not be confused with “harem” which is what all the jihadists think they will be getting when they get to heaven. That’s Read more […]

Muslim Men Shout ‘Allah Akbar’ as They Slaughter Soldier in London Street

Two Muslim men shouting “Allah Akbar” (“God is Great”) butchered an off-duty British soldier with knives and meat cleavers in front of horrified witnesses in a London street on Wednesday. The men encouraged passers-by with cameras to record them as they tried to behead the soldier in the Woolwich area of London. After the murder, one of the killers stopped to talk with witnesses who caught the conversation on video, part of which can be seen here. “You people will never be safe,” the man Read more […]