Confirmed: US Funneled Arms from Libya to Jihadist Syrian Rebels

The White House denied it. Congress denied it. The Pentagon denied it. They were lying. You probably guessed that already because you saw their lips move. Good call. From World Magazine: “U.S. aided arms flow from Benghazi to Syria.” Documents released today confirm the Obama administration knew weapons were flowing out of Benghazi, Libya, to Syrian rebels in 2012 even though the rebels had well-publicized ties to al-Qaeda and other extremist groups. Previous reports, including one by WORLD Read more […]

Immigrant Populations of Violent Muslims?

What kind of immigrant populations can the West successfully assimilate? A BBC report illustrates the kind of problems that Europe and the United States are facing with the prospects of mass immigration. I don’t think this story, by itself, can prove anything about what immigration policy should be, but I do think that it demonstrates why we need to think about these issues. It also demonstrates that a knee-jerk political correctness could have deadly consequences. A culture where it is easy Read more […]

AP: U.S. Working with Syrian Terrorists

They hid it under a misleading headline, but the Associated Press admits the U.S. is sponsoring Jihadists and Syrian terrorists. My thanks go to “We Are Change” for catching this: The Associated Press headline sounds innocuous: “Rebels push forward in southern Syria.” Syrian rebels backed by the United States are making their biggest gains yet south of the capital Damascus, capturing a string of towns from government forces and aiming to carve out a swath of territory leading to the Read more […]

Christians Being Wiped Out in the Middle East and White House Doesn’t Care

While Secretary of State John Kerry is out touring Africa warning them about living according to the Bible, Christians are being persecuted and killed in the Middle East and the Administration looks the other way. In some ways, a bipartisan federal commission, as reported by Fox News, confirms the basic story that we have been telling here on Political Christians are under siege in the Middle East, and the Obama administration is not doing enough to stop religious persecution by its Read more […]

Uncle Sam Wants You (But Not Muslims) . . . Under Surveillance

According to an ever-increasing array of sources, we are all under surveillance. Every electronic source of communication is being monitored, cataloged and stored in Utah to be accessed by the authorities at any time in the future. Our phone calls, e-mails, texts, everything. And with the ever-growing number of security cameras lining our streets, our every movement can be monitored outdoors. Once inside they have the capability of watching us through our web cams and interactive TVs. With Read more […]

Making It Easy For Terrorists to Destroy America

Most people are aware of the travesty occurring in the wake of 9/11. This refers, of course, to the farce that was the 9/11 hearings. The finger pointing and blame of agencies that were prevented from sharing information with each other, by law, were endless. Management, directly responsible for many of the snafus, had unquestionable conflicts of interest, like Jamie Gorelick, counsel for Saudi Prince Mohammed al-Faisal against 9/11 families, yet served as adjudicators on the 9/11 panel. Doris Read more […]