HHS Immigration Press Blackout: Media, Congress, Do Your Jobs & Grow Some Backbone!

C’mon, media brethren… get into the battle here. Take in hidden cameras and other recording devices. The entire reason for the First Amendment is because the press is supposed to be the government’s worst enemy when officials are trying to hide or spin the truth. Do your duty to the country. From National Review’s blog, The Corner: “HHS Will ‘Muzzle the Media’ During Tour of Immigrant Child Housing.” Health and Human Services officials will allow reporters to visit a military facility Read more […]

Dept of Health & Human Services Hireling Tells Elected Member of Congress to Get Lost

We already know that the executive branch thinks Congress is a joke. And we know from the stories of conveniently crashing hard drives at both the IRS and the EPA that the Federal departments also believe Congress is a joke. Now we have reached the point where hired guards for the Department of Health and Human Services feel free to tell a Congressman to go away. From the Daily Caller: An Oklahoma Congressman who visited an Army base being used to house illegal immigrant children now wonders Read more […]