Calling Colin Powell A RINO Is Too Insulting To RINOs

Is Colin Powell a RINO? He is certainly a Republican in name only. But if I call him a RINO I’ll start to feel guilty about other people whom I call “RINOs.” A lot of RINOs are professional politicians who would, to some extent, like to defeat Democrats for public office. But Powell wears the Republican name only for one reason—so he can promote liberal causes. Consider this lead sentence from USNews: At a prostate cancer survivors breakfast last week, former Secretary of State Colin Read more […]

Democrat Blaming IRS Victims Like Blaming Rape Victims for Being Raped

How many times have you heard people say that a rape victim is not really a victim because of the way she was dressed? Somehow the rapist is justified in raping a woman because she wouldn’t really “want it” if she hadn’t dressed a certain way. She was “asking for it.” Does this mean that a thief is not responsible for stealing money he sees in a cash drawer? Or a person who leaves a long and deep scratch on a Mercedes or BMW is not responsible for the envy he feels? Democrat Congressman Read more […]