Bill Mahar: Hundreds of Millions of Muslims Approve Paris Killings

Why are the remarks of Bill Mahar even considered controversial? I actually wonder if “hundreds of millions” is too high a number. But it is definitely in the millions and even tens of millions. Maybe he is right. Mahar, being an atheist, insults all religions in the video. Being a liberal he also displays a suffocating self-righteousness that is at least as bad as displayed by the worst religious believer. But the bad words are bleeped out: Raw Story reports: The comedian Read more […]

Americans Hate Obamacare But Love Affordable Care Act

There are more and more videos coming out that show just how ill-informed or stupid the American people have become.  I’ve seen video interviews with people who want to grant President Obama immunity from all crimes he’s committed while in office, past, present and future to approving of 4th trimester abortions.  During the elections a year ago, people interviewed believed that Paul Ryan was black and running as Obama’s VP candidate and others had no idea who was who or what they stood for, Read more […]

‘I Just Voted for Obama Because He’s Black’

Jimmy Kimmel did some on-the-street interviews on Hollywood Blvd. with people about the “Sequester.” These aren’t low-information voters; they are no-information voters. They are clueless. They vote in terms of race, feelings, and what other people are telling them. Actually, it’s worse. The most frightening part of what you’ll see in this three-minute video is how they go on even after admitting that they don’t know anything about what the Sequester is. One day these people Read more […]

Debate? What Debate?

It’s fairly predictable. Minutes after the presidential debate, journalists, pundits, and bloggers were aflame with “reasons” why President Obama “won” the debate. After the beating he took in the first debate, it was pretty obvious that Obama was going to come back strong. Regardless of how he really did, it was also apparent that every media outlet was only waiting for the debate to officially end before they published their pre-written proclamation of Obama’s victory. Even if Obama Read more […]