Will the Clinton Campaign Expose the Pervertocracy?

New accusations make it possible that the Clinton campaign will reveal the dark deeds of our rulers and their wealthy friends. It is almost impossible to know exactly what kind of perverse victimization goes on among the rich and powerful. One wants to be watchful about human nature but also careful about rumors and tall tales. But this headline in the New York Post threatens far more than the Clinton campaign for the Presidency in 2016: “Bill’s libido threatens to derail Hillary — again.” She Read more […]

National Security Used to Prevent Report on Pedophile Ring

Media outlets about to report on pedophile ring investigations were stopped by claims of national security. If this hasn’t happened yet on this side of the Atlantic, it is only a matter of time. Imagine you are a newspaper executive and are given documentary evidence of credible accusations against a high-level pedophile ring that is being investigated. Suddenly, fifteen uniformed policemen and two non-uniformed show up to tell you that you are not permitted to run the story. According Read more […]

Was Necrophilia the Worst Thing Jimmy Savile Did?

The Sydney Morning Herald’s headline is quite sickening: “Jimmy Savile claimed to have performed sex acts on dead bodies, investigators say.” But I think the reported crimes in the article are actually worse than the headline. Savile, one of the biggest TV stars in Britain in the 1970s and 1980s, was responsible for a litany of rape and sexual abuse in National Health Service institutions over at least five decades until 2009, according to 28 official reports covering the institutions involved. Read more […]

Another British Entertainer Gets Busted For Pedophilia

While the vile accusations about Hollywood have yet to be really investigated, the British authorities seem to be doing something about pedophiles in the BBC, if only decades late. The Guardian reports: Paul Gambaccini, the veteran BBC TV and radio presenter, has been arrested on suspicion of sexual offences under Operation Yewtree. Gambaccini, whose broadcasting career spans 40 years at the BBC, was held on Tuesday as part of the inquiry into alleged sexual offences by Jimmy Savile and others… He Read more […]

The Pansexual Left and Children’s Television

The Telegraph reports, “Jimmy Savile engineered his hit television shows to gain access to children he could abuse, the former policeman who helped expose the late entertainer as a paedophile has claimed.” Savile, as a celebrity with amazing access to the British government, including the marriage counselor to Prince Charles and Lady Diana (and yet they still broke up! How surprising.), gained enough leverage to custom design TV shows that would give him access to underage girls and also boys. Read more […]