Greedy High-Tech Billionaires See Profits in Amnesty

Just looking at the surface of the illegal immigration problem, a reasonable mind would come to the conclusion that America is suicidal. Although we have laws in place designed to stop unfettered immigration, we don’t enforce them on orders from our elected leaders who hand down “policies” that virtually guarantee that any illegal immigrant, including one previously convicted of a major felony, caught by the Border Patrol or ICE is going to be set free. Those who get across the border without Read more […]

Jobs Pay 23 Percent Less Today Than Before Obama

Remember in 2009, right after coming into office, President Obama and his top aides swore they would “focus like a laser” on jobs? Sadly, it turns out that Obama apparently learned to use that laser at the Imperial Stormtrooper School of Marksmanship. After five years of Obama, U.S. jobs today are paying 23% less than they were paying before the 2008 recession. While Americans have been told repeatedly that we were in an economic rebound, most of us realized long ago that such talk was only Read more […]

Hospitals Slashing Thousands of Jobs Thanks to Obamacare

Government officials have been predicting that jobs in the health care industry would be increasing due to the implementation of Obamacare and the projected 30 million Americans that would be signing up for coverage.  Supposedly, thousands of jobs would be created in the healthcare industry but that does not seem to be the case. Figures compiled by Challenger Gray and Christmas, an outplacement firm, there were 8,128 layoffs in the health industry last month.  Since the beginning of the year Read more […]

Union Thuggery Will Kill the Fast Food Industry

If you live in a major city, soon if not already, you will not be able to get fast food. Our old communist — I mean “progressive” — pals are at it again. The SEIU is whipping up a frenzy among fast food workers with a call to strike. Workers in many cities have already walked off the job. SEIU boss Mary Kay Henry granted an interview with fair and balanced Seated in her posh Washington DC office she told Salon, “See the fast food workers as standing up for all of us because the Read more […]

New Narrative: Amnesty Equals More Jobs for Everybody!

Great news! For those who haven’t yet heard, there appears yet another added benefit to passing the Senate illegal immigrant amnesty act. The benefits just keep piling up. You may be skeptical now, but after you conservative racists hear the news — even you will support the real Republicans that just want to get things done. For them, not us, just saying no isn’t good policy. After all, if the Democrats propose some ridiculous legislation that the country has survived without for 200+ years Read more […]

Obama To “Refocus” On Jobs For Umpteenth Time

Aside from the class warfare, gender warfare, and race-baiting that have been the cornerstones of the Obama presidency (which race-baiting, by the way, is probably to blame for the 18-percent rise in crime against white people from 2010 to 2011), the other mainstay has been the President’s myriad pivots from one distracting issue to the issue of jobs: from capitalizing on the Newtown shooting in order to push prohibitive gun laws, and then back to jobs; to capitalizing on the Republican notion Read more […]

Obamacare Employer Mandate Delayed Because of 2014 Elections

President Barack Obama has been pushing his Affordable Care Act hard and heavy.  He wants to exert his power and dominion over the American people and force them to pay through the nose for health care.  Obama also wants all business owners to know that he owns them and has the power to put them out of business if he so chooses. So why did the White House announce last week that it was delaying the employer mandate from January 1, 2014 to January 1, 2015? Supposedly, the federal government Read more […]

Full-Time Jobs Declining & Part-Time Jobs Increasing

Once again the government has released their monthly job figures and claim that they are still making improvements to the job market.  They are boasting about the addition of 195,000 new jobs reported for the month of June and trying to convince us all that things are looking up with an unemployment rate of 7.6%.  They may have created 195,000 new jobs, but the report also shows that 2,692,000 Americans have been unemployed less than 5 weeks. Once again, the 7.6% unemployment figures are deceiving Read more […]

Obama Doing What Americans Want Least

When Barack Obama was sworn into office this January for his second term, what did you think were the priorities that needed to be addressed the most? According to a survey conducted by Pew Research, Americans listed their priorities as: 1.  Strengthening the economy – 86% 2.  Improving job situation – 79% 3.  Reducing budget deficit – 72% 4.  Defending against terrorism – 71% 5.  Making Social Security financially sound – 70% 6.  Improving education – 70% 7.  Making Read more […]

Unemployment Rate: Obama Will Go Down As Next FDR, Unfortunately

After more than 4 years, President Obama’s promise to lower the unemployment rate finally came through. It’s curious that he decided to raise unemployment before lowering it, but there it is. Unemployment is now at 7.7 percent. When Obama took office in 2009, the official (U-3) unemployment rate was 7.8 percent. At the same time, the U-6 unemployment rate–which includes those who are no longer looking for work and who, because of the job market, do not have as much work as they’d like–was 14.2 Read more […]

Democrats’ Trouble With Numbers

It would be funny if it weren’t so sad, but Rep. Maxine Waters, a ranking member of the California Congressional Brain Trust, said that the sequester cuts would cost Americans 170 million jobs. Considering there are only 134 million people working in the United States, that would be an impressive feat. Waters, by the way, is the ranking Democrat on the House Financial Services Committee, which deals with banking, insurance, real estate and securities. If the Democrats were to regain the House, Read more […]

Court Deals Blow to EPA and Obama’s Green Energy Program

When Barack Obama ran for office in 2008, he promised to create 5 million green jobs.  One of his main programs to help create some of those green jobs was his biofuels programs.  Using the iron fist of the EPA, Obama did his best force refiners to produce cellulosic biofuels. The standards set were completely unrealistic and unattainable.  They were purposely overestimated to avoid the possibility of underestimation.  It was a deliberate act to push the green fuel technology onto the oil Read more […]