Hillary Clinton’s Story: Court Made Me Defend Rapist/I Did It as a Favor

For the record, I have no problem with the fact that, as a lawyer, Hillary Clinton defended a rapist. To the extent that she defends herself by pointing out that she was doing the job she was supposed to do, I think her defense works. It is a non-issue. But in the same lecturing tone that she uses to explain to us the duties of a defense attorney, she states assuredly that she asked to be excused from taking the case. Without seeming to care she breezily contradicts her own earlier story. As with Read more […]

MSNBC: GOP More Concerned With Rapists’ Rights Than Parents’ Rights

First of all, since when does MSNBC care about parents’ rights at all? I thought we need to “break through our private idea that kids belong to their parents or kids belong to their families,” as Melissa Harris-Perry said. Our kids belong to the community, the collective. In truth, kids are a gift from God, and with these gifts comes great responsibility. God has charged parents with the duty to raise them and teach them. But in the eyes of liberals at MSNBC, the State owns our kids. So Read more […]

What happened to the Tea Party?

Over at Politico, Joe Scarborough has written a nifty little piece about the Tea Party’s intentions. For years, mainstream and liberal media sources (but I repeat myself) have been taking shots at the Tea Party, claiming that it is trying to destroy the Republican Party. While this tired tactic may work on a few moderate Republicans, Scarborough reveals how ridiculous of a claim it really is. Many have wondered if the Tea Party has served its usefulness. I find this to be bit of a perplexing Read more […]