John Boehner Supported by Democrats against Republicans

If he is a member of the same party as other Republicans, why is John Boehner supported by Democrats? There are two parties in Congress. One party is made up mostly of Republicans and the other party is a combination of Republicans and Democrats. Is there any other interpretation that makes sense of what is going on? After the GOP leadership’s betrayal of Republican voters, the Tea Party members of the House are understandably upset at John Boehner. But Boehner has defenders. As the Hill Read more […]

John Boehner Caves; Funds DHS

And the winner of “Worst House Speaker in United States History” goes to… John Boehner! The New York Times headline says it all: “House Approves Homeland Security Budget, Without Strings.” The fight over funding the Department of Homeland Security that began with Republicans thundering about a lawless president abusing power to change immigration policy ended with a quiet capitulation Tuesday when the House voted to fund the agency and avert a partial shutdown. In the end, Speaker Read more […]

John Boehner Does Right on Funding DHS

Congress has done their job funding DHS and defunding Obama’s executive orders. The Senate needs to get on board. I am not a big fan of John Boehner, quite the opposite. But compared to Mitch McConnell he seems rather steadfast. On the issue of risking a “shutdown” of the Department of Homeland Security, Boehner is saying that he will not compromise. According to CNN, “House, Senate GOP spar over DHS funding.” The story reports on Boehner’s appearance on Fox News Sunday: “The Read more […]

About That Last Election …

Conservatives actually thought they had won something in November as voters created a Republican landslide across most of the country. As things have turned out, all they accomplished was to send reinforcement to the White House. That’s because immediately following the election, John Boehner, Mitch McConnell and the rest of the GOP leadership set out to destroy any chance of conservatives posing a threat to their own power. Boehner’s actions in getting the “Cromnibus” bill passed are well-known, Read more […]

John Boehner Wins Speakership and Goes After GOP Enemies

John Boehner won the vote to stay Speaker of the House, and now he is after his enemies. The headline is quite clear: “Boehner Takes Revenge.” After he secured his third term as speaker Tuesday afternoon, losing 25 votes on the House floor to some relative-unknown members of the House Republican Conference, Boehner moved swiftly to boot Florida Reps. Daniel Webster and Rich Nugent from the influential Rules Committee. The reason was simple: Webster ran against Boehner for Read more […]

Open Christmas Letter to John Boehner

John Boehner should find coal in his stocking. Here is the headline from the National Journal: “House Narrowly Approves Massive Spending Bill.” The House narrowly approved a massive spending bill Thursday night just before the government was set to run out of cash, as an unusual coalition of Republicans and Democrats teamed up to pass a measure that drew fierce criticism from both liberals and conservatives. The $1 trillion spending measure passed 219-206, with 161 Republicans and 58 Read more […]

Congress RUSHING to Push Through $1.1 Trillion New Spending

The new spending coming from Congress is massive and also largely unknown. So we all remember Nancy Pelosi saying that, if we want to know what is in Obamacare, Congress would first need to pass the bill into law. Now it seems that some House Republican leaders in the lame duck Congress like that idea. As I write this post Monday night, The Hill reports that, “House GOP’s $1.1T spending package expected Late Monday” later tonight. Perhaps by the time you are reading it some details Read more […]

Hope! Repealing Obamacare May Be on GOP Agenda

Is John Boehner serious about repealing Obamacare? The Washington Times headline caught my eye yesterday. Could it be true? “Boehner vows House will repeal Obamacare.” The problem is the content of the story didn’t seem quite as robust as the headline: He did, however, say the House will vote to repeal Obamacare and will also likely pass a bunch of bills to carve out some of the most contentious parts such as a tax on medical devices or the individual mandate. “We need to put Read more […]

Open Letter to Speaker Boehner on Obama’s Lawlessness… and His Own

While Speaker Boehner condemns Barack Obama, perhaps he needs to look in the mirror. President Obama’s plan to import #Gitmo terrorists to the U.S. is another example of admin’s legacy of lawlessness — Speaker John Boehner (@SpeakerBoehner) October 10, 2014 Attention readers: The letter below to Speaker Boehner is in response to the above tweet as well as to his released statement “on President Obama’s Efforts to Import Gitmo Terrorists to the United Read more […]

In Praise of the Republican Party Establishment

Friends, Americans, patriots — lend me your ears. For once I come not to bury the Republican Party Establishment but to praise it. That’s right, it is I, a man who has been excommunicated so many times by the GOP establishment I’ve lost count, who is now here to tell of their mighty deeds. Just as “only Nixon could go to China,” so must the waxing poetic of the GOP’s “heroic” exploits come from a malcontent like me. By now you’re wondering “what did you do with the real Read more […]

Senate Republicans Save Us from Higher Federal Minimum Wage: Good Job (for Now)

I’m almost surprised that the majority of Senate Republicans voted for what was the economic and ethical right thing to do. Naturally, Obama blasted away at them for it: “They (Republicans) prevented a raise for 28 million hard-working Americans. They said no to helping millions work their way out of poverty,” said the man who has already endangered hundreds of fast food workers with unnecessary job loss. Like $10.10 an hour is going to end poverty anyway. The Republicans said “no” to Read more […]

Eric Holder Is Angry But His Questions Have Easy Answers

I’m somewhat curious as to why Eric Holder chose this moment to “go nuclear.” Is something up? I am trying not to get my hopes up. ABC US News | ABC Business News Eric Holder decides to speak of himself in the third person as if he were nobly defending someone else and not himself. It sounded weird to me. From ABC News: “Forget about me [specifically]. Look at the way the attorney general of the United States was treated yesterday by a House committee,” Holder told the crowd. Read more […]