John Kasich Twists Scripture to Defend Obamacare

John Kasich goes into full Obamacare zealot mode and abuses the Bible to use it as a public policy guide. Since John Kasich made his comments to the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, I have to assume he believes he is appealing to Hispanics when he made his silly, false comments about the Bible and Obamacare. If the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is dominated by insurance executives who think they can get a profit boost from Obamacare, then maybe he was correctly appealing to his hearers. But if he Read more […]

John Kasich Appeals to Sins of Reagan to Justify Himself

Are all the sins of Reagan now going to be trotted out as precedents for Republican malfeasance? John Kasich is the Republican governor of Ohio and he is running for President. I have no idea why. I have never heard of him before. But he is one of those governors who took the Washington D.C. Obamacare bait and increased funding for Medicaid in his state. The Federal government’s story is that this is free money that can do a lot of good. Of course, the real story is that this is increased debt Read more […]

Poll Indicates Ohio’s Liberal Voters Abandoning Obama

Ohio has long been considered to be one of the key swing states in presidential elections.  It seems that whoever wins Ohio wins the White House.  Last November, Obama received 2,697,260 votes to Romney’s 2.593,779 votes.  Even though Romney won 72 of Ohio’s 88 counties, Obama won the state by the narrow margin of only 103,000 votes (largely because of voter fraud in Cleveland where numerous precincts reported 100% of votes for Obama). According to the latest Quinnipiac University survey, Read more […]

Gov. John Kasich Betrays the People Who Put Him in Office

On Monday, Ohio Gov. John Kasich announced he will expand the state’s Medicaid program with federal dollars. Conservatives are ticked off. It was conservatives that got Kasich elected. They hoped he would reject Obamacare. Their hope was misplaced. Where does Gov. Kasich think the federal dollars are going to come from? If the money comes from other states, then where will the money for the other states come from when governors take a similar position? Somebody’s going to have to pay. There Read more […]