Debt Slavery May Be Our Future

Through the banks and governments in league with them, we are heading toward debt slavery on a planetary scale. This is very long, but overall a very fine assessment of the problems plaguing the world financial system. “The Zombie System: How Capitalism Has Gone Off the Rails.” No country will escape the carnage when everything truly runs off the rails and into the economic ditch. I understand why such authors choose to use the term “capitalism” even when what they criticize and lament Read more […]

Why You Should Learn What is Wrong with the GDP Measure

Most of us run down a road paved by others, not realizing it’s not the only possible path—and, in fact, that it may be a path for the road-designers to achieve their goals, while preventing you from ever reaching yours. This is a wonderfully educational and reasonably brief look at the history of “GDP” (Gross Domestic Product) and its roots in a terrible set of economic theories that justify government intervention in the economy—a top-down, elite-driven (and elite-benefiting!) system designed Read more […]

Chinese Mountain-leveling Cities Show the Communists are Super-Keynsians!

It is now a proverb that Keynes believed you could stimulate the economy by paying someone to dig a hole and paying someone else to fill it up again. That should sound strange to many people, though when they’ve heard Paul Krugman extol a fake alien invasion or a hurricane as keys to helping the economy, Keynes seems relatively restrained. Well, the Chinese ruling class has apparently replaced Karl Marx with John Maynard Keynes. The Chinese government is almost literally following the cliché Read more […]

John Maynard Keynes, The Father Of Modern Bad Economics & Bad Politics

I know, I know… economics is boring, confusing, and makes you want to take a nap—that is precisely what most of today’s professional economists want you to think, and politicians too. It enables them to control your life and your wealth with little opposition. Here is another brilliant and brief essay to whet your appetite and open your eyes to the damnable damage done by the economic theory that currently rules the Western world, and is wreaking global havoc. The plague of our time Read more […]

Paul Krugman: There Is No Debt Crisis

Krugman, the liberal economist who has found a home at the New York Times writing columns about how everyone else is an idiot, recently responded to a question on C-SPAN’s “Washington Journal” about Paul Ryan’s statement on the debt and deficit. Ryan stated that we’re spending a trillion dollars more than we take in, and that if we continue down this path, we’ll have a debt crisis. He said that the debt crisis will be manifested when our financial system has collapsed and our economy Read more […]