Should a Pastor Teach that It is Wrong For Christians to Defend Themselves?

I suppose John Piper will object to my interpretation of his essay, “Should Christians Be Encouraged to Arm Themselves?” If so, he is self-deceived. The point of this long essay is to tell Christians they should not possess firearms and the secondary point is to deny that he is not telling Christians that they should not possess firearms. The reason he touched on the subject, he tells us, is because he didn’t like the words of Jerry Falwell, Jr., telling his students to arm themselves. I Read more […]

Lying Journalists Are the Result of a Lying Worldview

Lying journalists lie because they don’t even believe in the truth. Ladies and Gentlemen, Jonathan Gruber and the so-called “journalists” at the Rolling Stone are a product of the same failed worldview. They have been brainwashed over and over in their elite academic bubble with a sophistry that there is no such thing as truth, and only “perspectives.” Thus, we find out from the Reason blog, “Rolling Stone’s UVA Rape Story Just Took Another Massive Hit.” The Washington Post just Read more […]