The Question of Authority, It Won’t Go Away

Former Obama Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner recently told host John Stewart on “The Daily Show” (on the Comedy Channel) that the big banks had to be bailed out because, in his words, it was “the only option, the only responsible, just, moral thing to do.” His reasoning went like this: Obama, Geithner and Company had to protect people from mass unemployment which, he said, is what happens in a financial panic “unless the government steps in and makes sure they try to keep Read more […]

Duck Dynasty: Entertainment Weekly Discovers the Bible Has Something to Do With the Homosexuality Debate

So for once it seems that Christians won over their cultural enemies in the entertainment world. Phil Robertson is un-suspended from Duck Dynasty. But the analysis in Entertainment Weekly reveals an insane level of ignorance about why people in America resist homosexual acceptance. But what probably helped turn the tide in the Robertsons’ favor was that the debate wasn’t as clear-cut as the network and many in the media initially assumed. Robertson and his supporters argued that his anti-gay Read more […]