The Corporate Welfare Export-Import Bank is Opposed by Everyone But the Politicians and the Cronies

Candidate Barack Obama, according to Patrick Brennan at the National Review, Corner blog, “decried the bank on the 2008 campaign trail as wasteful and ‘little more than a fund for corporate welfare.’” He was referring to the “Ex-Im Bank.” Now, Ralph Nader is calling for the end of that bank. So is Larry Kudlow of CNBC, extolling the Tea Party for attacking the Export-Import Bank. John Stossel of Fox Business spoke at George Mason University with economist John Boudreaux. Stossel Read more […]

The All-American Entitlement Mentality

John Stossel’s newest article is a welcome addition to the conservative/libertarian arsenal. Entitled “Government Gone Bad,” Stossel makes the point that laws rarely improve life. In fact, he argues, it is a difficult task to convince the average voter that fewer laws are actually better. Most voters, Stossel says, are under the impression that when laws are being passed, government is “doing something.” And when government is doing “something,” they are fulfilling the civic duty for Read more […]