Jon Stewart, Obama Operative

Jon Stewart met secretly with President Obama to be “cultivated” by the White House. claims that Obama aides took an “unusual step” by “cultivating” Jon Stewart. There aren’t that many people with the influence that Jon Stewart has, so yes, it is unusual because the White House does not cultivate everyone. But we have no idea how many other people with the influence of Jon Stewart might have been given a secret meeting, or two, with the President. The media seems Read more […]

Baltimore Public Schools Are Not Close to Underfunded!

The pretense that rioting and looting is the responsibility of those who haven’t allowed enough funds to go to Baltimore Public Schools is ludicrous. Since Bob Allen quoted a news story about Democrat Representative Donna Edwards claiming that Baltimore public schools need more money, I think it might be good to point out how insane such claims really are. Here’s the quotation: “I mean I would say, for example with our schools, just prior to the Freddie Gray incident, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake Read more […]

Jon Stewart on Eric Garner: Pushing Race

I want to like him, but Jon Stewart on Eric Garner really disappoints me. One of the Freedom-oriented pages in my Facebook feed shared a link to Jon Stewart’s rant about Eric Garner, with their own headline, “Jon Stewart Loses Some Faith in the State.” (Sidenote here: While I am frustrated by how much police can get away with, and I wish Eric Garner had been afforded the dignity of representation by a prosecutor, I doubt that criminal charge of much seriousness would have made it past Read more […]