Several Studies Point Out the Benefit of the Biological Family

Even Liberals admit the biological family (or the Biblical one) is better for children and society. A few days ago we wrote about a report put out by the American Enterprise Institute. Jonah Goldberg wrote in the L.A. Times that this was one of several reports, and the others were from sources much further to the left. In recent weeks, a barrage of new evidence has come to light demonstrating what was once common sense. “Family structure matters” (in the words of my American Enterprise Institute Read more […]

What Does It Mean that Donald Trump Is so Popular?

The fact that Donald Trump is winning fans in the Republican Party tells us that people feel like they are missing something. Why is Trump so popular? It seems like every day some conservative blog is complaining that so many Republicans support him. I’m not a Trump fan, but I don’t think it is hard to understand why he is getting such a positive response. A friend of mine recently posted about this and gave me some further thoughts on the issue. Also, check out this sad post by Jonah Goldberg Read more […]