If the Supreme Court Obamacare Decision Goes Right, What Should Republicans Do?

The Supreme Court Obamacare decision could end Federal subsidies for healthcare.gov. What then? I’ve already noted that Democrats are getting ready to furiously blame Republicans if the Supreme Court rules that Federal subsidies for people who buy their insurance through healthcare.gov are not authorized in the Affordable Care Act. The reason they might make such a ruling is because Federal subsidies for people who buy their insurance through healthcare.gov are not authorized in the Affordable Read more […]

EPA Tells Lies about Climate Change, Again

If the head of the EPA tells lies about global warming, what else is she willing to do for her job? At the EPA’s web log, Gina McCarthy writes, “We Must Act Now to Protect our Winters.” 2014 was the hottest year on record, and each of the last three decades has been hotter than the last. In mountain towns that depend on winter tourism, the realities of climate change really hit home. Shorter, warmer winters mean a shorter season to enjoy the winter sports we love—and a financial Read more […]

Gruber Admitted Obamacare Increased Costs: As Stimulus

Gruber Argued It Was OK If Obamacare increased costs, because it would create more jobs that way. While Gruber was lying elitist scum, he also sometimes told the truth. For example, as this Daily Caller story points out, he admitted openly that Obamacare had no means to cut, constrain, or otherwise reduce costs. Gruber said that Obamacare had no cost controls in it and would not be affordable in an October 2009 policy brief, presented here exclusively by TheDC. At the time, Gruber had already Read more […]

Is the White House Telling us the Truth about North Korea?

Did the President and the FBI pull another Gruber on us, in relation to North Korea and the hacking of Sony? The evidence seems to point in that direction, say computer security experts. Looks more like Russians, than North Koreans. Thus, we read in the New York Times, “New Study Adds to Skepticism Among Security Experts That North Korea Was Behind Sony Hack.” A number of private security researchers are increasingly voicing doubts that the hack of Sony‘s computer systems was the work Read more […]

Western Unfaithfulness: Grubering Foreign Policy

This is the result of Western unfaithfulness. Alexander J. Motyl writes in Aljazeera America: Even more destabilizing than the invasion of Crimea was Putin’s claim that he had the right to march into “the territory of Ukraine” in defense of Russian citizens. Here’s the entire statement of his request to Russia’s Council of the Federation, which immediately granted him his wishes: “In connection with the extraordinary situation that has developed in Ukraine and the threat to Read more […]

Lying Journalists Are the Result of a Lying Worldview

Lying journalists lie because they don’t even believe in the truth. Ladies and Gentlemen, Jonathan Gruber and the so-called “journalists” at the Rolling Stone are a product of the same failed worldview. They have been brainwashed over and over in their elite academic bubble with a sophistry that there is no such thing as truth, and only “perspectives.” Thus, we find out from the Reason blog, “Rolling Stone’s UVA Rape Story Just Took Another Massive Hit.” The Washington Post just Read more […]

U.S. Congresswoman’s Husband Killed by Obamacare Incentives

Obamacare incentives helped a beloved husband die and they are doing the same to many more now. Back in October, I posted about the story that people were avoiding needed medical care because the Obamacare plans involved high deductibles or co-pays. Under Obamacare as it exists now, Americans are basically paying insurance premiums and not getting anything in return. If they avoid the doctor to avoid paying their deductible then they will probably never reach the point that the insurance company Read more […]

A Prayer regarding Trey Gowdy

Lord, please protect and keep me from ever being in the exceedingly unfortunate position of being cross-examined by Trey Gowdy. When you watch this, realize that Jonathan Gruber is simply doing what he does best: Boldly lying in order to achieve a desired outcome. This man is not stupid, and he is not sorry about a word he said—he believes every single one of them, and he is consummately happy about the millions of taxpayer dollars he has plundered for acting as the Devil’s mouthpiece. Mr. Gruber Read more […]

Jonathan Gruber: Killing Babies Makes Life Better for Survivors

So now it turns out that Jonathan Gruber has written rationalizations for killing babies—a.k.a. “abortions.” The Blaze reports: “More Surprising Jonathan Gruber Comments Surface…and This Time They Have to Do With Abortion.” I’m not sure they are really that surprising. President Obama is notorious not only for supporting abortion but for refusing to protect abortion survivors from infanticide. He loves Gruber, so there is no reason to be surprised that the same bloodthirsty thinking Read more […]

Jonathan Gruber: Lies and Glue

The lies of Jonathan Gruber and his friends undermine the glue that holds society together. The recent revelations of statements by a professor from MIT named Jonathan Gruber, about how the Obama White House purposefully deceived the American people concerning the costs associated with Obamacare, are intriguing on a few levels. Mr. Gruber’s statements about the deceptive intent of the drafters of the Affordable Care Act, are, of course, outrageous and insulting on their face. But Read more […]

Not a Shock: Administration Inflates Obamacare Numbers

HHS Secretary assures us the “mistake” reporting Obamacare numbers is “unacceptable.” The Daily Signal reports, “Obamacare Officials Exaggerate Enrollment Total by Counting Dental Plans.” The Obama administration admitted today that it mistakenly inflated the number of health insurance enrollments under  the Affordable Care Act by adding in those who selected dental plans to raise the total above 7 million — the White House’s original goal. “This mistake is unacceptable,” Read more […]

Our Intelligence has been Stolen. We Want it Back.

The people who intentionally stupefy us should not belittle our intelligence. Much has been written and said about Jonathan Gruber and his observation that the American voting public is “stupid.” Here is a quote from Representative Jim Jordan contained in a piece in townhall.com by Katie Pavlich, Coming Soon: Gruber under Oath in Front of Congress. “He used taxpayer money to lie to tax payers and when it was all over he made fun of them. Of course he needs to come in front of a congressional Read more […]