Taking Muck-Raking Journalism to New Low

When we talk about muck-raking journalism, we usually use the term as a metaphor! CBS News got a lot closer to literal. So… a Texas city councilman forgot to turn his microphone off when he stepped away to go to the restroom, and CBS News thought it “newsworthy” enough to post an article about it, with a video and audio of the event. (I will not post a link!) I have been asked what political party the councilman belonged to. Personally, I don’t care what label he wears… the only one that Read more […]

Republican Opponent of the First Amendment?

How is the First Amendment compatible with government defining journalists? From an editorial in the Montgomery Advertiser: “Defining ‘journalist’ may become necessary.” Freedom of the press is essential. Freedom of the press is important to me. Freedom of the press is not going anywhere in Alabama. When a state senator in Alabama begins a newspaper editorial this way, you naturally wonder why he gives such assurances. Del Marsh is the current president of the Alabama state senate. He Read more […]

Whistleblowers Drying Up, Won’t Talk to Journalists or Lawyers Due to Fear of NSA Surveillance

The report blames the NSA for whistleblower fears, but even before the Snowden revelations the government committed acts that could only make people afraid to talk to the news media. The Department of Justice put taps on the phones of Associated Press journalists. They also breached the emails of James Rosen, the chief correspondent for Fox News, on the grounds that, by simply doing his First-Amendment-protected job, he was a possible criminal conspirator. These were assaults on the media, especially Read more […]

A Reporter Did His Job, So He Was Attacked by the Media

While I’m not usually happy with the Daily Beast, I’m very glad they allowed Josh Rogin to defend himself at their website. It really doesn’t matter what the issue is, the First Amendment becomes a dead letter if journalists are not able and willing to get information to the public that the sources of that information do not want the public to know. As George Orwell said, “Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations.” Ten years ago, Read more […]

Harry Reid Hypocrisy Downplayed By Compliant Press

From CNN: Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, one of Obamacare’s architects and staunchest supporters, is also the only top congressional leader to exempt some of his staff from having to buy insurance through the law’s new exchanges. Reid is the exception among the other top congressional leaders. GOP House Speaker John Boehner, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell have all directed their staffs to join the exchange, their aides said. In Read more […]

DHS Raid For Firearms Used To Confiscate Journalist’s Private Notes

Daily Caller is reporting that a freelance journalist had her private notes taken by police in a raid allegedly caused by suspicions about her husband and firearms. In an interview with The Daily Caller, journalist Audrey Hudson revealed that the Department of Homeland Security and Maryland State Police were involved in a predawn raid of her Shady Side, Md. home on Aug. 6. Hudson is a former Washington Times reporter and current freelance reporter. A search warrant obtained by TheDC indicates that Read more […]

You Can’t Be a Citizen Journalist Unless the Government Says You Can

In a little story that has gone all but unnoticed, the Senate Judiciary Committee has approved legislation allowing the DOJ to determine who can be considered a “journalist.” In their haste to tattle, The New York Times informed us that “Three Republicans, including the panel’s ranking member, Charles E. Grassley of Iowa, joined Democrats to pass the bill.” That Republicans are now complicit in assisting Democrat efforts to shred the Constitution, is no surprise. The NYT calls the amendment Read more […]

The “Moral” Crusade of Anti-Gun Journalists

It’s all rather sad and pathetic. Now that Harry Reid has decided to not pursue the Feinstein proposal on assault weapons, liberal journalists are coming out wagging their fingers and their ethical superiority. Castigating Reid’s decision, Eugene Robinson writes: “The answer isn’t political, it’s moral. The answer is that this is not a moment to do the expedient thing but instead to do the right thing.” Yeah right, as if the ban on so-called assault weapons itself was not motivated by politics, Read more […]

Laziness, Not Just Bias, Is Killing Journalism

The objectivity of the mainstream news media had been in decline for decades when, in 2008, gasping its last breath, it gave itself into the soothing arms of death. As it stands today, it is nothing more than an institutionalized, 24/7, year-round campaign for Democratic politicians. Although objectivity has perished, we are now beginning to see also the pretense of objectivity gradually wither away, with established and highly acclaimed news sources doing a slow, unashamed reveal of their Read more […]