JPMorgan Chase: What if Your Job Security Depends on Supporting LGBT?

One more reason to have nothing to do with JPMorgan Chase (aside from the fact they’re a wretched bank, that should have failed five or six years ago). From the Mirror of Justice: “Brendan Eich Was Only the Beginning.” I’ve worked at Chase for the past 11 years. Yearly (sometimes skipping a year though) the bank will send out an Employee Survey to gauge how the employees feel about the bank and the management team they report up to. Every year that’s all the questions ever related to: the Read more […]

The Banker Body Count Continues

Back when I thought up the title for Bob’s second post on the mysteriously dying bankers, I was overly generous by saying that there were five deaths in a month. As we reported, the deaths started on Sunday, January 26. So we are still within the time span of the month. And yes, we have another death. From Zero Hedge: “Second JPMorgan Banker Jumps To His Death: Said To Be 33 Year Old Hong Kong FX Trader.” The banker suicide wave that started in late January has now become an epidemic, Read more […]

Jail Martha Stewart & Ignore Bernie Madoff: Prosecute Petty Thieves To Cover For Banker Crime Lords

From the Washington Post: A bank executive in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia was sentenced to 23 years in federal prison. Another from Orlando received eight years. In Stockbridge, Ga., a top bank officer is serving 12 years. At a time when the government is being criticized for not holding senior bank executives liable for crisis-era crimes, a little-known federal agency is compiling a growing list of criminal convictions. Since 2008, the Office of the Special Inspector General for the Troubled Read more […]