We Need More Judges Like This Man

I received news from my aunt that the mother of a family I grew up with in Pittsburgh had just died. She was 87 years old. The O’Briens were our next door neighbors. After hearing the news, my mother, who will turn 91 in March, and I reminisced about the good times we had growing up with the O’Briens and other families on the street where we lived. I keep in touch with their oldest daughter. We are the same age and graduated from the same high school. She blew up my pet toad. It’s a funny Read more […]

Free Stuff Trumps Morality in Voting

There’s a new report out that says that blacks oppose homosexual marriage in greater numbers than Latinos and whites and yet more than 93 percent of blacks voted for the first pro-homosexual-marriage president. Among blacks, Latinos and whites, blacks were the only racial or ethnic group in which a majority of respondents said they opposed gay marriage, in a Washington Post-ABC poll. On marijuana legalization, blacks are most supportive while Latinos are the least supportive. Fifty-one percent Read more […]