Trumped Up False Charges Used to Punish Former Pastor for Political Speech

A man is charged with jury tampering even though there was no jury involved in his action and there was no court case taking place. The man had no opinion about a trial that he could share with a jury member. Yet Keith Wood spent twelve hours in jail until he paid $15,000 to be released (10% of the $150,000 bond). He is facing a possible five-year prison sentence. Michigan Live reports, A 39-year-old former pastor was arrested and jailed in Mecosta County after he handed out fliers informing Read more […]

Silk Road Prosecution Attacks First Amendment and Jury

Trial by jury and freedom of speech are both supposed to be protected in the United States. In case you haven’t been keeping up with the news, “Silk Road” was the name of an internet hub that sold prohibited goods, mainly various drugs. It was kind of a Millennium Falcon on the world wide web. The Han Solo behind it was Ross Ulbricht. He has now been caught and is facing charges. I don’t think it is right to disregard drug laws except perhaps in case of medical necessity. I’m Read more […]

A Fine Proposal, Part 2

Last time, I talked about how we should abolish all citations and fines for moving/traffic violations. Even if you agree with me, you may be wondering, “Yeah, but how are we supposed to accomplish that?” It does often seem like we all must helplessly accept whatever the civil government decides to shove down our throats. (How about another steaming helping of ObamaCare? Anyone? Bueller?) But in this case, I think there is a very slim possibility we can effectively end fines for traffic violations. Read more […]

How Juries Can Nullify Bad Laws

Behind every bad law is a trail of money that leads to lobbyists that represent powerful corporations. Corporations use the legal system literally to outlaw their competition through the enforcement of regulations, taxes, and fees that smaller businesses can’t afford. In the case of raw milk laws, entities like dairy associations and big agricultural corporations are intent on outlawing their competition not just through regulations but by arguing that it’s “for the people’s own good.” Read more […]