Silk Road Prosecution Attacks First Amendment and Jury

Trial by jury and freedom of speech are both supposed to be protected in the United States. In case you haven’t been keeping up with the news, “Silk Road” was the name of an internet hub that sold prohibited goods, mainly various drugs. It was kind of a Millennium Falcon on the world wide web. The Han Solo behind it was Ross Ulbricht. He has now been caught and is facing charges. I don’t think it is right to disregard drug laws except perhaps in case of medical necessity. I’m Read more […]

Supreme Court Destroys Trial by Jury

Trial by jury means that, whether you are really guilty or not, if the jury acquits you, then you are acquitted. Once the jury has spoken, no other authority can punish you for that accusation. But it doesn’t mean that. Not anymore. Yesterday I ran across the Simple Justice blog’s post, “Sotomayor and Kagan, An Unforgivable Denial.” I suspect the title reflects the political perspective of the writers who expected better things of the liberal justices. It is interesting that Read more […]

Evidence that Juries Give Us Our Police State

What is amazing about this story of the police state is that a police officer, who shot and killed a sleeping seven-year-old girl as she lay on her sofa, was brought to trial at all. But if you or I had decided to go into a residence in search of an alleged criminal, and had fired shots in a residence with several small children, killing one of them, then we would be in prison today. But the jury ended up deadlocked, resulting in the second mistrial. The prosecutor does not plan to try a third Read more […]

CA Jury Totally Fine With Police Torturing Unarmed Man to Death

Here’s the Reason TV video about the case. The jury declared the two leading police not guilty, including the honorable gentleman who, in total professionalism, said “You see these fists? They’re about to eff you up.”—except he didn’t say “eff.” KTLA reported, in part: Jurors found two former Fullerton police officers accused in the 2011 beating death of Kelly Thomas, a 37-year-old homeless man, not guilty on all charges on Monday. Former Officer Manuel Ramos and ex-Corporal Read more […]