Can Charleston’s Forgiveness Square with Justice and the Constitution?

Glenn Beck recently posted a story and video of an MSNBC anchor in tears as he witnessed a spontaneous outburst of church and community members singing Gospel songs and offering prayers of forgiveness at the Charleston Emanuel AME Church, the site of a recent horrific shooting.  The families and friends of the victims showed the most powerful demonstration of true love that we can experience or give on this earth, the absorbing of crimes against humanity with no retaliation. The man who has Read more […]

Why Are Firing Squads Such a Big Deal?

Utah has reinstated firing squads as a backup method of executing prisoners who are sentenced to die. If you don’t believe in capital punishment, then the method doesn’t matter. Anything that kills a person is objectionable because it kills. Of course, there are really inhumane ways of killing people that would shade into torture. Even if a person is guilty of murdering in a way that involved torturing his victims, the job of the government is not to develop a system of perfect payback Read more […]

No Charges for Gov Worker for Lost Drone at White House

A Federal employee will not be charged for his lost drone that crashed at the Obama’s residence.   Back when the story first broke of a Federal employee losing control of a drone, Bob Allen posted about it: I love how the article mentions the laws this man broke, but he remains unidentified. And they say it’s apparently unlikely he will be prosecuted. Anyone want to guess what would happen to me, if I did the exact same thing? Some animals really are more equal than others; they’re Read more […]

Judge Admits He Just Followed Orders

Judge gave a man essentially a life sentence because “the system forced me to do it.” It has been awhile since we have mentioned Albert Jay Nock on this blog. But the infamous “Tory Anarchist” once wrote a true story about a judge that bears repeating in light of recent events: Once, I remember, I ran across the case of a boy who had been sentenced to prison, a poor, scared little brat, who had intended something no worse than mischief, and it turned out to be a crime. The judge said Read more […]

Is Triple Murder for Wrong Motives Worse than Other Kind?

Media and police are all worried about whether a triple murder was committed for the wrong motives. Why? Three people were murdered. The media is reporting on how wonderful these three victims were. I think it is great to give the murdered a public eulogy, but their virtues are irrelevant. Even if three known jerks were killed, it would be a huge crime. The murderer should only be executed once because that is the limit that God has put on us. It shows that the death penalty for murder Read more […]

Murderer Confessed to Get Deal from Prosecutors

No deal from prosecutors; no delays. This beast should be dispatched before 2015 arrives. I’m basing my opinion on the story in the Chicago Tribune, “Murder charges filed against suspect in deaths of 7 women in Gary, Hammond.” A convicted sex offender has been charged with the murder of one of seven women found dead in Gary and Hammond over the weekend as police continue their investigation, including the suspect’s possible involvement in other murders stretching back decades, police Read more […]

Thinking Reasonably: What is Justice?

Americans need to be challenged to grapple with the question, What is justice ? The dictionary defines justice as: the quality of being just; fair treatment, and due reward in accordance with honor, standards, or law; rightfulness or lawfulness, as of a claim; the quality of being true or correct; or the moral principle determining just conduct. We bring to justice when we come before a court for a trial or to receive punishment.  Social justice is based upon the concept that certain groups Read more […]

Even If Minimum Wage Worked You Would Be Stupid to Strike For It

Let’s pretend that minimum wage did not cause unemployment or price inflation (so that, you get paid more money that no longer can buy as much as it used to). Does that mean that, if you are a minimum wage worker, it makes rational sense to strike for it? Should you spend time as an activist? I highly doubt it. We can expand the question to think of all sorts of types of social justice. We can include issues like police brutality that are quite real. Think of all the unfair things that make Read more […]

About Time! Prosecutor Who Hid Exculpatory Evidence Will Go To Prison For Jailing Innocent Man

I think this is extremely surprising news. I hope it sets a precedent. Today [Friday] in Texas, former prosecutor and judge Ken Anderson pled guilty to intentionally failing to disclose evidence in a case that sent an innocent man, Michael Morton, to prison for the murder of his wife. When trying the case as a prosecutor, Anderson possessed evidence that may have cleared Morton, including statements from the crime’s only eyewitness that Morton wasn’t the culprit. Anderson sat on this evidence, and Read more […]

Dear Edward Snowden: Don’t Appeal To Felons For Mercy

This makes me mad: (Newser) – Edward Snowden says he hopes international pressure will persuade the US government to stop “persecuting” him with espionage charges but he appears to have as much hope of receiving clemency as he does of getting his old job back. The NSA leaker “violated US law,” White House adviser Dan Pfeiffer says. “He should return to the US and face justice.” Snowden released a manifesto yesterday denouncing mass surveillance and saying that telling the truth shouldn’t be considered Read more […]

We Need More Judges Like This Man

I received news from my aunt that the mother of a family I grew up with in Pittsburgh had just died. She was 87 years old. The O’Briens were our next door neighbors. After hearing the news, my mother, who will turn 91 in March, and I reminisced about the good times we had growing up with the O’Briens and other families on the street where we lived. I keep in touch with their oldest daughter. We are the same age and graduated from the same high school. She blew up my pet toad. It’s a funny Read more […]