No, You Don’t Need Government Welfare for a Tattoo

Kansas lawmakers are trying to ban using government welfare for tattoos, movies, cruise ships, and more. I was upset with proposed Missouri restrictions on food stamps because they seemed designed to turn recipients away from healthy options like seafood. The list of proposed restrictions on the use of government welfare money seems much more reasonable. According to the Christian Science Monitor, “No movies, concerts, or tattoos: Kansas bill would limit use of welfare funds.” The bill Read more […]

Liberal Sandy Hook Failure: No Permit Needed to Carry in Kansas

Kansas governor signs bill that acknowledges no permit needed for gun owners to carry their weapons on their person. Since Sandy Hook, we have been subjected to an intense barrage of propaganda and pressure to create new gun restrictions in violation of the Second Amendment. There are a few places where that push has resulted in more restrictive laws, though those places would probably have instituted more restrictive laws even without the Sandy Hook massacre as a propaganda tool. Otherwise, for Read more […]

Political Fraud in Kansas

Harry Reid set up a total political fraud on Kansas voters and has no fear of voters making him pay. The most disappointing thing about current American “leadership” is not simply that none of them will do things in the light—from lying about campaign support to hiding budget proposals—but that American voters tolerate such malfeasance, and never take liars and thieves to task by kicking them out. I would rather have honest, hard-working, transparent, and less polished representatives Read more […]

Boy Meets Local Control Freaks

Awhile back we posted about two girls who ran a lemonade stand who spoke on a Fox news show about what they thought about the President’s assertion, “You didn’t build that.” Leftist critics were pretty angry about young people being asked about national politics. But for any child who wants to do anything real, it seems like he gets a pretty quick introduction to the pettiness of local politics. It doesn’t seem much better. Consider the case of nine-year-old Spencer Collins of Leawood, Read more […]

Kansas Considers A “Punish Complainers & Silence Critics” Bill

Just to review, in Kansas you can be SWAT-raided and never be permitted to learn the basis for the warrant. This means the police can get a warrant for bogus reasons and reasonably expect that, if their victims are innocent, they will never be able to call them into an account. So naturally, the Kansas state legislature has decided to add official protections to the police so that they are still more invulnerable to public scrutiny. The bill is, thankfully, stalled at the moment, but it is Read more […]

Family Terrorized By Police In Early Morning Raid For Officially Secret Reasons

// “This is not what justice in the United States is supposed to be.” – Addie Harte The Hartes were raided at gunpoint at 7:30 in the morning. This normal, law-abiding family got the fully-armed SWAT treatment at the hands of Johnson County deputies. If the father and husband, Bob Harte, hadn’t managed to shake off sleep to answer the door in time, they would have battered it down. According to KSHB in Kansas City, The deputies pushed Bob to the floor of the entry way of his home Read more […]

Kansas Governor Signs Watered-Down Nullification Bill Into Law

We’ve seen many states propose legislation that nullifies federal power grabs like Obamacare or the TSA. While some of those efforts may have passed the respective state Houses, most of them haven’t made it to the governors’ desks. And when they do, we don’t know whether or not the governors will agree to sign them. In Kansas, Governor Sam Brownback signed a bill into law that originally nullified any federal action pertaining to gun control. It read, in part:  “Any act, law, treaty, Read more […]

Life Begins at Fertilization Says Kansas Legislature

Right to life advocates are claiming another victory, this time in the state of Kansas. This past week Kansas House of Representatives voted 90-30 in favor of a bill to prohibit any public funding for abortions. The same measure passed the state Senate with a 28-10 vote earlier this year. The bill now goes to the desk of Governor Sam Brownback, a Republican who opposes abortion. Along with the banning of the use of public funding for abortions, the Kansas lawmakers also banned abortions on the Read more […]

Kansas Seeks to Criminalize TSA Gropings

A Kansas state representative along with 20 other state legislators has proposed a bill that would limit what TSA agents can do to airline passengers in Kansas airports. Representative Brett Hildabrand’s bill makes it illegal for TSA screeners to touch passengers’ private parts and prohibits them from removing passengers under 18 from the control of their parents or guardians. Hildabrand had this to say about the TSA:  “Air travelers are subjected to aggressive, humiliating pat-downs, many Read more […]

State Orders Sperm Donor to Pay Child Support

Men – Please take warning and read this carefully! In 2009, a lesbian couple in Kansas advertised on Craig’s List for a sperm donor.  William Marotta contacted the couple and they worked out an agreement that he would have no legal or financial responsibility for the child conceived from his sperm donation.  He thought he was just doing a good deed to help to women have a child. Jennifer Schreiner, the younger member of the lesbian couple underwent artificial insemination and ended up Read more […]