Left Trashes Our Culture With Trash Talk

I spend a good deal of time at one of our local college campuses. At least I think it’s a college campus. I see people with books and backpacks. Some of them seem to be studying. The reason I’m confused is because whenever I walk across campus, it sounds more like a sailor’s convention than a college. College is supposed to elevate your mind, expose you to lofty ideas and expand your thinking, not act as a state-funded locker room where you swap curse-laden stories about loose women and Read more […]

The Grotesque Left: Kathy Griffin Shows How Far Liberal Women Have Sunk

Warning: Lewd language. I hope every woman who voted for President Obama because of the Right’s alleged “war on women” got to see Kathy Griffin’s performance on CNN on New Year’s Eve. In a new low for CNN (though perhaps not for Griffin), the comedienne gave Anderson Cooper a kiss on his crotch on live international television. Even if he weren’t gay, Cooper’s response was exactly what you’d expect, like that of a man whose personal business was being attacked by a piranha or one of the Read more […]