Colleges are Turning Your Children into Moral Radicals

Many young people lose their religious faith and their conservative beliefs to moral radicalism when they get to college. There is a relentless and sustained attack on their values as soon as they enter their dorm room. Some kids can handle the attacks but many can’t. They fall for the moral relativism lie, except, of course, when it comes to people who do not believe in moral relativism. It’s the supporters of moral absolutes who are the perpetrators of real moral radicalism. When students Read more […]

How a Generation of Young People Have Been Damaged by Groupthink

No social group is immune from the effects of Groupthink. Intelligence has nothing to do with it. The people at Penn State have university degrees, and yet, they stood by while they knew that evil was in their midst. Social commentator David Brooks offers an insightful explanation that makes Groupthink look rational: “I don’t think it was just a Penn State problem. You know, you spend 30 or 40 years muddying the moral waters here. We have lost our clear sense of what evil is, what sin is; and Read more […]