Conflict of Interest? NSA Chief Working on Cybersecurity Patents

A report on what looks like a conflict of interest from Associated Press:  Even in an era when former officials routinely profit from business ventures linked to their public service, recently retired National Security Agency chief Keith Alexander raised eyebrows when he disclosed he is working on patents for what he calls a game-changing cybersecurity model. How about a law that anyone paid by a government entity who leaves their position—for any reason—is prohibited from doing any business Read more […]

Keith Alexander: We Totally Failed to Stop Terrorists, So Give Us More Money & Power

Keith Alexander, who until recently was the director of the NSA, gave an interview to Matthias Schwartz for the New Yorker. Alexander: The probability of an attack getting through to the United States, just based on the sheer numbers, from 2012 to 2013, that I gave you—look at the statistics. If you go from just eleven thousand to twenty thousand, what does that tell you? That’s more. That’s fair, right? Schwartz: I don’t know. I think it depends what the twenty thousand— Alexander: Read more […]

General Keith Alexander Tells Us Legislative Attack On The First Amendment Only Weeks Away

A few years ago, then-candidate Barack Obama promised a “fundamental transformation of the nation.” Last week Keith Alexander used different words, but he essentially promised the same thing: From the Daily Caller: National Security Agency head Gen. Keith Alexander told a cybersecurity panel Tuesday that the “media leaks legislation” he proposed to prevent journalists from reporting on government surveillance programs like those leaked by Edward Snowden could be here within weeks. “We’ve Read more […]

NSA Sypymaster: We Need a Way to Violate First Amendment

Some blog called “Armed With Science” decided to be a propaganda mouthpiece for the NSA for at least one post (perhaps that’s the blogs regular shtick; with a .mil domain, that wouldn’t surprise me). They interviewed General Keith Alexander and let him tell us whatever least untruthful statements he could devise. “We [the NSA] collect foreign intelligence for our country, and we provide information assurance for national security systems,” Gen. Alexander says.  “We have two great Read more […]

Government Shutdown Theater Was Really National Security Theater?

Jonathan Jarvis, the Director of National Park Services says he’s responsible for closing the open air monuments. According to, he was subpoenaed and testified: “The monuments and memorials on the National Mall do not take care of themselves,” Jarvis told the lawmakers, who had seized on the spectacle of metal barricades around open-air sites like the World War II Memorial. “Our rangers are there to prevent vandalism and impact to the monuments and the memorials. All of those Read more […]