Tea Party Revolution in Kentucky

A GOP victory is a surprise but a tea party revolution is a “shock.” The media thinks it is quite shocking. The headline at the Kentucky Herald-Leader admits it: “Matt Bevin shocks Jack Conway to become next governor of Kentucky.” He never led until the end, and that’s when it counted. Republican Matt Bevin, who trailed in every public poll since winning the Republican primary in May by 83 votes, shocked Democrat Jack Conway on Tuesday to become the next governor of Kentucky. With help Read more […]

Irony: Deputy County Clerks Issue Fake Marriage Licenses

Deputies are obeying a judge’s order to give out marriage licenses that are probably “not worth what they are written on.” It is somewhat satisfying to see Liberals engaging in symbolism that only demonstrates their own impotence. The judge in this case has imprisoned Kim Davis until she recants and agrees to issue marriage licenses to couples of whatever sexes (she stopped issuing all marriage licenses after the Supreme Court decision). The judge also threatened the deputies and got Read more […]

Why a County Clerk is Different than the DMV

People are making false equivalences in their reasoning about what Kim Davis should do as a Christian who holds the office of County Clerk. Someone posted this picture on Facebook: This is funny (and makes a good point about the impossibility of pluralism and multiculturalism) but it misses the issue confronting Kim Rowan. The DMV is not run by a person elected by voters. The people staffing the DMV have no constituents. They are simply employees who can be fired for failing to do their Read more […]

While Kentucky Lets a County Clerk Go to Jail, North Carolina Protects Religious Freedom

Many North Carolina civil magistrates refuse to participate in same sex “marriage,” but their religious freedom hasn’t been terminated. If you think the jailing of Kim Davis was unavoidable, unless she submitted to the Supreme Court as her Lord and Savior, here is evidence that you are wrong. YWFF 4 reports: “Dozens of N.C. magistrates refuse to perform gay marriages.” The number of North Carolina magistrates recusing themselves from performing civil marriages under a new law has more Read more […]

Kim Davis and the Modern Pharisee

Kim Davis is demonstrating that her enemies are modern Pharisee accusers—a twenty-first century version of the Gospel enemies. When I read Rob Knowles’ post about the accusations and mockery of Kim Davis I hadn’t seen one yet. Then today one showed up in my Facebook feed. (In fact, after Davis went to jail, I saw Liberals express joy at the thought that she might be subjected to homosexual rape. Because tolerance, you know.) I think Davis is a goddess among humans. She is following Read more […]

Kim Davis Was Not Elected into Office by the Supreme Court

Kim Davis, as a county clerk, answers to her constituents who voted her into office; as someone made and saved by King Jesus she answers to Him. I hate to admit my ignorance, but I must do so now. When I posted earlier about Kim Davis, the Christian county clerk who refuses to sign so-called “marriage licenses” for same sex couples, I had no idea that her office was an elected position. In my opinion, the fact that she is not simply an appointee, but is voted into office by her constituents, Read more […]

Another Victory over Unions!

Kentucky is pioneering local Right-to-Work ordinances, giving us another potential victory over unions. For a long time now, the question of Right-to-Work laws has been considered exclusively the domains of the state legislatures. However, there are good reasons to question this interpretation. Now Kentucky has begun a new movement. As James Sherk reports at the Daily Signal (and originally at the National Review), Right-to-work’s prospects appeared bleak in Kentucky after the midterm elections. Read more […]

Political Privilege on Display in Kentucky

You see political privilege when a state senator claims to be exempt from DUI laws the rest of us must obey. There is an argument some will make that DUI laws are too strict and somewhat arbitrary. Others will disagree. I can respect both sides of the argument. What I can’t respect is someone who wants the laws to stay in place for everyone except himself because he is so special. So now we have this report from WKYT: “State senator wants DUI charge dismissed based on 1891 rule.” A Read more […]

School District Drops Michelle Obama Lunch Program; Gives Up Federal Dollars

Kentucky’s Campbell County School District has opted out of the Michelle Obama lunch program, deciding it is worth losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in Federal funds. This is a major push back in an ongoing war that the Federal government is waging against the states. There were plenty of signs it was coming. This is a sign that the Federal government has truly overreached. Instead of calculating costs and giving the states an offer they couldn’t refuse, the Feds have assumed that they Read more […]

Mitch McConnell Forcing GOP “Civil War” Over Tea Party

From Business Insider: “How Mitch McConnell’s War On The Tea Party Could Backfire.” More than any other campaign in the 2014 election, McConnell’s is a battle for control over the GOP. If he can defeat Bevin and Grimes while challenging SCF and other conservative groups, it will prove that the establishment still has power within the party. If not, it will give the Tea Party yet another boost. However, McConnell’s war is not an isolated battle. By challenging the Tea Party in a public manner, Read more […]

Finding Out What’s In It: Congress Passed Another Bill Without Reading It

I supposed if I refer to “that dam bill” someone will think I am swearing. But in this case I’m referring to the funding of a dam on the Ohio River. It was in the government budget/debt ceiling bill and not many who voted for it knew it was in there: McCain told Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren Wednesday he had “never even heard of” the project and questioned why it had been included in the bipartisan plan to end the budget crisis. “They stuck in some stuff which, of course, they couldn’t Read more […]

Does Kentucky Law Equal Sharia?

A Facebook group called Stop Islamization of America posted a link to an article titled “Shh! Sharia Law Gets a Clear Passage in Kentucky.” Not one to take Sharia lightly, I read the article prepared to be as disgusted or horrified as I usually am when I hear of encroaching Sharia. The article reads, “Under House Bill 279, the controversial religious-freedom bill, someone with ‘sincerely held’ religious beliefs can disregard laws ‘unless the government proves by clear and convincing evidence that Read more […]