Obama Lectures Kenya that Sexual Perversion is Just Like Skin Color

Our President practices imperialism on behalf of sexual perversion, telling Kenya to change its laws. CNN was blunt about what President Obama did: “Obama lectures Kenyan president on gay rights.” President Barack Obama on Saturday lectured Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta about his country’s gay rights record. “When you start treating people differently not because of any harm they are doing to anybody, but because they are different, that’s the path whereby freedoms begin to erode,” Obama Read more […]

Easter Faith Is the Only Basis for Christian Heroism

If you don’t have Easter faith — real belief in the resurrection — you won’t be willing to give your life. If the message you heard in Church on Easter Sunday could not be delivered to the families of those who died for following Jesus in Kenya this week—if it’s some kind of humanist rah-rah triumphalism focused on how God wants you happy and rich in this life—you might have been better off to just stand up, walk away fast, and never go back. The Christian Post reported, “’If Read more […]

Kenyan Tetanus Shot Really a Eugenics Program?

Supposedly, a Kenyan Tetanus shot is trying to protect babies by targeting women of childbearing age. As CNS News reports, The tetanus vaccination program, sponsored by the WHO and UNICEF in coordination with the Kenyan government, has been ongoing in phases since last year. The campaign is targeting females ages 15 to 49, about 2.3 million women. The WHO and UNICEF say that “most tetanus cases in Kenya are among newborns,” and thus the emphasis on vaccinating women who are of child-bearing Read more […]

Sunday, Bloody Sunday: Muslims Were Busy Over the Weekend

Sunday proved to be a very productive day for Muslims. Great strides were taken, and with explosive gusto, to convince the world that Islamists are a peaceful people, or at least would be if we infidels would only submit and stop forcing them to commit acts of mass-slaughter. I weep for their plight. Four Buddhist temples and 15 homes were peacefully burned in Bangladesh by Muslims. A Buddhist had insulted their religion on Facebook, they claimed. And who would want to do that? A Sunday Read more […]