“A Lot of People want Liver” — Planned Parenthood Sells Baby Organs

It is a violation of Federal law to traffic in baby organs from aborted children, but Planned Parenthood “cares.” Did you ever wonder why the entire abortion industry got so defensive and outraged about criminalizing a partial birth abortion—in which a live baby is partially birthed and then the brains are attacked with surgical instruments? Or how Planned Parenthood could attack a pro-abortion politician who only wanted to prevent another Kermit Gosnell situation because a beloved relative Read more […]

Real Story of a Canceled Abortion Prosecution: Infanticide

Recently there has been a meme going around on social media praising the work of Gisella Perl as “the angel of Auschwitz.” She performed secret abortions on inmates because women who got pregnant would be horribly killed along with their babies. Perl reasoned that she was taking one life that would be killed anyway in order to save the mother and perhaps give her a future when she could have more children. But the most important thing you should realize is that defending Perl isn’t just Read more […]

A Kermit Gosnell Documentary? Another Cool Internet Startup Practices Intolerance & Censorship

I don’t know how anyone can pretend the internet is a place of intellectual freedom. It is quite often merely a virtual echo chamber for liberal opinion. Reddit acted like the EPA and censored Global Warming disbelievers. More recently Mozilla’s treatment of their now ex-CEO, because he contributed to a traditional marriage campaign in California, was atrocious. Now we find out how arbitrary and intolerant Kickstarter can be. Phelin McAleer writes in the New York Post: I was really, really Read more […]

Planned Parenthood Opposes Candidate Because Of Her Doctor-Killed Cousin

If you ever doubted the institutional character of Planned Parenthood as cold-blooded killers, listen to how they oppose a Democratic State Representative in Pennsylvania. From the Daily Caller: “We are extremely disappointed by current 164th District Representative Margo Davidson’s votes on SB 732 and HB 818,” Sari Stevens, Executive Director of Planned Parenthood Pennsylvania Advocates and PAC said in a statement. “We have faced unprecedented attacks here in Pennsylvania straight out Read more […]

House of Horrors Abortionist Writes Abortion Poem & Reads Bible In Prison

Dr. Kermit Gosnell was convicted of brutally murdering several babies that were born alive.  The jurors who heard the case had to endure the testimony of how Gosnell took the live babies and shoved a pair of scissors into the back of the neck and then cut the spinal cord.  The babies did not die instantly.  It took seconds to a minute for them to die from heart failure and suffocation. The jurors also heard testimony of how he and his staff allowed a woman to bleed profusely for nearly five Read more […]

CrossFit-Training Pregnant Woman Sparks Outrage

CrossFit Training is the new exercise trend. It combines aerobics, strength training, flexibility, and muscle confusion. It doesn’t take long before you are huffing and puffing and wishing you were dead, if you do it right. There are no rests between sets. You are always moving to the next grueling exercise. The great thing about CrossFit training is that it can be adapted for young and old, fit and unfit, men and women. Now comes the controversy. Lee-Ann Ellison posted the following on CrossFit’s Read more […]

A New Poll that Liberals are Going to Hate and Ignore

Liberals love to push polls that show how Americans are changing their views on homosexuality. There’s a reason why people are changing their views: homosexuality is never discussed. It’s always gay this and gay that, gay marriage and gay pride. It’s never men and women who are engaged in same-sex sex: abnormal, contra-biological, and unsanitary sexual relationships. If homosexuals were consistently homosexual (no adoption or surrogacy), there would never be a second-generation of married Read more […]

Congressman: “Fund a Planned Parenthood in Every Neighborhood” To Prevent Future Gosnells

At a House Judiciary Subcommittee hearing last week, legislators discussed a bill that has at least 120 co-sponsors in the House. The bill is called the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, and it would outlaw abortions after 20 weeks on a national level. One of the hearing participants was Jerrold Nadler, a Democrat from New York. He said that the hearing was a farce and “just another battle of the Republican war on women”:  “I would urge my colleagues to think about the extent to Read more […]

Texas Abortionist Killed Babies With His Bare Hands

There’s another murderer masquerading as an OB doctor in Texas whose clinic is being investigated after a few of his employees came forward with their testimonies. Three women and one other anonymous person who were employed by Dr. Douglas Karpen have come forward to testify about the horrific details of what went on at this particular clinic and possibly two other clinics that Karpen owned. Here are some of the things they witnessed from their former boss: delivering live babies during third-trimester Read more […]

Abortion Industry Makes KKK Look Like Mother Teresa

Over two dozen pro-life black leaders came together and hosted an event at the National Press Club where, among other things, they called on Congress to hold investigative hearings on the abortion industry in the wake of all the horrific details that came out of the Gosnell trial. One such black pro-lifer at this event was Walter Hoye, founder and president of the Issues4Life Foundation. He reminded everyone of who the real racists are:  “Right now to give some of us just a perspective of Read more […]

Al Sharpton: Gosnell Is Product Of Pro-Life Movement

Liberals in the media have to condemn Gosnell. Even though what Gosnell did was really no different than what any other abortionist does on a regular, basis, they knew that they couldn’t defend him. The details of the case were too horrific for anyone to publicly defend. So, people like Pelosi called his actions “disgusting.” And Al Sharpton said that justice had been delivered to Gosnell when the jury found him guilty of murder. But he didn’t focus so much on the fact that Gosnell Read more […]

Abortion Advocates and Absurd Arguments from Absurdity

According to the ever-reliable Huffington Post, the City Council for Wilmington, Delaware has passed a resolution urging for a “personhood of sperm” amendment. I’m sure the writers of this resolution consider themselves masters of satire. Because it is so patently obvious that a human embryo and a male sperm are so much the same that if a man can dispose of his sperm however he wishes, women should be able to do what they want with the genetically unique and independent organism that is growing Read more […]