Feds Approved Murderous Comedy about North Korea?

Comedy about North Korea isn’t funny if the Government was behind it. I wonder if there’s an office in the Federal government that coordinates the best ways to make sure the United States is isolated and hated by the world? From the Daily Beast: “Exclusive: Sony Emails Say State Department Blessed Kim Jong-Un Assassination in ‘The Interview’” The Daily Beast has unearthed several emails that reveal at least two U.S. government officials screened a rough cut of the Kim Jong-Un Read more […]

Come On, North Korea, We Dare You

It is an example either of one of history’s most pathetic and embarrassing regimes or one of its most genius that North Korea’s Supreme Shrimp Kim Jong-un keeps threatening to launch a nuke at their Southern neighbors and then consistently failing to follow through with it. The whole world was warned on Tuesday by North Korean TV that a missile would be launched “tomorrow,” Wednesday. “Foreigners” in South Korea were urged by NK to leave the country if they did not wish to become a radioactive Read more […]

Diplomacy Failure: North Korea Announces Plans To Nuke U.S.

Upon hearing news of the death of the former North Korean leader, Kim Jong-il, and that his successor would be his blow-fish-like son, Kim Jong-un, who among us did not honestly expect that the corpulent dweeb would be a handful of trouble? He has malice written all over his face–literally, as Vice President Biden would say. Jong-un doesn’t merely look at the people and environment around him, but glares. There is a rumor that I just made up that he was actually born without muscles in his face. Read more […]