Planned Parenthood Busted for Illegal Second-Trimester Abortions

Because of their loss of stature, we get to watch Florida facilities belonging to Planned Parenthood busted for breaking the law. Abby Johnson said, at a Texas hearing, that they always knew when the inspections were going to happen when she was the director of a Planned Parenthood abortuary. It is hard to believe that the Florida abortuary lacked such accommodations from the government. But they don’t seem to have them now! Live News reports, “Inspections Catch Florida Planned Parenthood Read more […]

Kirsten Powers Tells Fellow Democrats They Are on the Wrong Side of History

Kirsten Powers pulls no punches in her column for USA Today. Kirsten Powers can be fairly nauseating when she pumps up same-sex “marriage,” or writes propaganda for Hillary Clinton against Rand Paul. But she does, with that record, show that the truth of abortion should not be controversial at all. Anyone can see it! In fact, many people do but are intimidated into silence. So, if I can’t respect Powers’ ideological commitments (as a whole), I certainly respect her courage. I have to Read more […]

David Daleiden Is the Edward Snowden of Planned Parenthood

Undercover investigator David Daleiden says he has many videos exposing Planned Parenthood. When Edward Snowden exposed what the NSA was doing, he continued to reveal their practices for months. He had collected a lot of information, and the NSA had no idea what secrets he knew until he revealed them publicly. It seems that the man behind the Planned Parenthood video showing they sell dead baby organs (and a second one) has a lot more footage to upload. According to, “Expect a Read more […]

Kirsten Powers on Christina Hoff Sommers and the Violent Campus Cult

Christina Hoff Sommers remembers when professors and students would argue with her; now they try to ban her. I’m not a big fan of Christina Hoff Sommers or Kirsten Powers. But they both have their good points and those points are emphasized in Kirstin Powers’ column, “’Safe-space’ America dangerous to dissenters.” Christina Hoff Sommers has been speaking on college campuses for two decades challenging students to embrace what she calls “equity feminism” over “gender feminism.” In her Read more […]

The Conservative Case for The Welfare State for Capital Criminals?

Kirsten Powers was and still is a Clintonian Liberal. She had some kind of conversion to Christianity and, subsequently, stopped favoring the legality of abortion. She now thinks it should be outlawed as murder. But otherwise, she uses her platform in the media to defend same sex “marriage” and the coercion of Christians to affirm the existence of  such a thing. We’ll have to see if she comes to her sense or makes herself an anti-Christ propagandist. But now she is trotting out the “conservative Read more […]

Who Is Holding The Nation Hostage Now? Dems Demand End Of Sequestration “Cuts”

They aren’t even cuts. The sequestration demands reductions in planned increases in spending. Yet the Huffington Post tells us: As the United States government approaches a deadline for raising the debt limit and the government shutdown nears its second week, Senate Democrats are taking a stand on sequestration. The party’s leadership rejected an offer from Senate Republicans on Saturday morning mainly because the proposal locked in those budget cuts for too long. Senate Majority Whip Dick Read more […]

Reporters’ Laptops, Tablets, and Recorders Should be Registered Like Guns

The First Amendment is a reporter’s ticket to say or write anything as long as it’s not defamatory. Notice that the prohibition is directed at Congress: “Congress shall make no law . . . abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press. . . .” Congress is still in the picture in the Second Amendment: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed [by Congress].” Congress is the national Read more […]