Will Smithsonian Listen to Black Pastors Petitioning against Margaret Sanger?

If the Confederate Flag is so racially offensive a statue in honor of Margaret Sanger should be at least as offensive. Slavery was evil. Racism was evil. Combined they were worse. But it wasn’t as horrible as mass extermination combined with racism. That is what happened during the Holocaust. Between the horror of the holocaust and the horror of antebellum American slavery sits Margaret Sanger, who wanted to weed out the “unfit” racial minorities and whose organization is now a major Read more […]

“Education” – Clarence Thomas and the KKK on Same Team

An AP Test Guide teaches children that correct political analysis teams up Clarence Thomas and the KKK. Did you know that the Ku Klux Klan and Clarence Thomas hold the same political position on the left-right scale? A Barron’s test preparation book for the AP European history exam teaches student that Clarence Thomas and the KKK belong in the same group based on comparison to the spectrum of political positions that existed at the time of the French Revolution. The Daily Caller posted Read more […]

Even White Separatists Get Free Speech

If Americans believe in free speech we need to stop judging people by what they allow other people to say. The mayor is concerned for his town’s reputation and I can understand why. But this is a learning opportunity for Americans. Just because someone with a bad and false belief can afford to buy a billboard somewhere, that doesn’t necessarily reflect the character of the area’s residents. Fox 2 reports, “KKK sponsored billboard has mayor worried about town’s image.” A KKK-sponsored Read more […]

Time to Clean House, Starting With Boehner

John Boehner’s position as speaker of the House is coming up for a vote soon. The Republicans should vote him and the rest of the House leaders out. Boehner has never been much of a leader, often compromising when he should have stood tall, making false promises like saying he is going to sue the president then not following through. The biggest reason to oust Boehner as the House speaker, though, is the passage of the “Cromnibus” bill, which Boehner got passed by allying himself with Nancy Read more […]

Government Shutdown Apocalypse: KKK National Park Rally Canceled

If you don’t see the world ending all around you, then you’re not paying attention. It’s happening just as Obama and his team of spin-doctors had predicted. A government shutdown means the destruction of the global economy. It means the suicide bombers, the kidnappers and arsonists working in the GOP have succeeded in blowing everything up. That’s why you see the very foundations of the world buckling under the slightest pressure. That’s the reason for all the carnage and chaos that Read more […]

Abortion Industry Makes KKK Look Like Mother Teresa

Over two dozen pro-life black leaders came together and hosted an event at the National Press Club where, among other things, they called on Congress to hold investigative hearings on the abortion industry in the wake of all the horrific details that came out of the Gosnell trial. One such black pro-lifer at this event was Walter Hoye, founder and president of the Issues4Life Foundation. He reminded everyone of who the real racists are:  “Right now to give some of us just a perspective of Read more […]