Knockout Game Proves Guns Prevent Crime

A recent instance of the so-called Knockout Game shows that guns prevent crime. Of course, anyone thinking about it for a moment would expect this. If you are an unarmed criminal looking for a victim, you are not going to choose to attack someone whom you know is armed. But what if you are an armed criminal? Even then, you are going to not want to endanger your life. The potential consequences for trying to attack someone are much more severe in the case of a person who is armed. The fact that Read more […]

Doubling Down On Race Politics: White “Knockout Game” Thug to be Prosecuted for Hate Crime

If the man is guilty of assault he should be severely punished, just like all the other assailants (Allegedly the moron recorded the crime, so his guilt seems to be a given at this point). But the color of his or his victim’s skin should be invisible to the law. Washington Times: Federal authorities said Thursday they have arrested and charged a Texas man in connection with the “knockout game,” accusing him of a hate crime for targeting a black man for a vicious street attack. Most knockout Read more […]

Thought Experiment: Affordable Care Act Is Really Obama Playing Knockout Game With Middle Class

In case you haven’t heard, the “knockout game” is where one in a group of young thugs suddenly hits a passerby without warning to see if he can knock that person out. One recent instance: Police have arrested a 15-year-old and are searching for a second suspect in connection with a “knockout” attack in Northeast Philadelphia earlier this month… The victim in the November 11th assault told Eyewitness News that he was walking out of a pizza shop when he was attacked. “Someone asked Read more […]

Where Gun Control Gets You: “Terrifying New Game”

Here’s the hysteria (and it is probably justified) from a local Washington DC CBS station: “Potentially Fatal ‘Knockout’ Game Targeting Strangers May be Spreading.” A terrifying new ‘game’ that’s already caused deaths in Syracuse, St. Louis and New Jersey is sweeping the nation, and it preys upon unsuspecting people walking the streets, anywhere. A recent report from New York-based CBS 2 shed light on the growing trend, displaying unsettling footage of teens participating in this Read more […]

Black Knockout Game Player Killed by Armed Homeowner

Are you familiar with the Knockout Game?  It is a racially motivated violent game that targets whites.  How is it played? You start with a group of blacks that number anywhere from 3 to 30 people.  As a group, they search for white people, preferably alone, elderly and somewhat defenseless.  If they can’t find any, Asians are the next ethnic group targeted.  When a target is selected, at least one of the blacks approaches the target and then suddenly sucker punches them in the face as hard Read more […]