“Education” – Clarence Thomas and the KKK on Same Team

An AP Test Guide teaches children that correct political analysis teams up Clarence Thomas and the KKK. Did you know that the Ku Klux Klan and Clarence Thomas hold the same political position on the left-right scale? A Barron’s test preparation book for the AP European history exam teaches student that Clarence Thomas and the KKK belong in the same group based on comparison to the spectrum of political positions that existed at the time of the French Revolution. The Daily Caller posted Read more […]

Even White Separatists Get Free Speech

If Americans believe in free speech we need to stop judging people by what they allow other people to say. The mayor is concerned for his town’s reputation and I can understand why. But this is a learning opportunity for Americans. Just because someone with a bad and false belief can afford to buy a billboard somewhere, that doesn’t necessarily reflect the character of the area’s residents. Fox 2 reports, “KKK sponsored billboard has mayor worried about town’s image.” A KKK-sponsored Read more […]

Radical Democrat DeWayne Wickham Compares Conservatives to the KKK

You can smell the desperation in the air. Democrats are in a panic. Economic fears of the sequestration never materialized. Since Democrats are all about crisis political management, crisis averted means no political capital. The so-called shutdown is not netting much politically for the Democrats. In fact, the petty actions of the Obama administration in going after WW II vets, closing private businesses on federal lands, and following a “make it hurt” strategy are beginning to backfire. Read more […]