Once Again, Labor Force Participation Rate Sinks to Record Low

More people are not part of the labor force than has ever been the case since 1977. Why do we keep blogging about this story in 2012, 2013, 2014, and now? Because the labor force participation rate keeps getting worse! In fact, according to this chart from Zero Hedge, the trend line has been steadily getting worse since the middle of Bush’s first term. No, not George W. Bush! I’m referring to the one-term presidency of George Herbert Walker Bush (see the lower chart). In order to Read more […]

Obamacare Success – Employed Work Fewer Hours to Keep Subsidies

I call this an Obamacare success because I can’t believe that the people who designed it were unaware of this consequence.  They chose it. We already knew that Liberals were aware of the problem because they admitted to it. They claimed that it was a good thing that we might get a shorter work week. They blamed Republicans for being harsh taskmasters, wanting us to work all the time. But their theory was that, once people no longer needed a job to get health benefits, they would be happy Read more […]