Ominous News about the Every Student Succeeds Act

When I posted about the Every Student Succeed Act, I was somewhat skeptical, but I followed what the Wall Street Journal reported, calling it “a baby step in the right direction.” I assumed Lamar Alexander was being somewhat accurate. “We have an opportunity today to vote to reverse the trend toward a national school board,” said Sen. Lamar Alexander (R., Tenn.), chairman of the Senate Health and Education Committee and chief architect of the bill, along with Sen. Patty Murray (D., Wash.). Read more […]

Senate Pushing Campus Rape Hysteria and No Due Process

Campus rape hysteria is going to be pumped up to justify a law that pretends to address the “crisis” but doesn’t allow due process for the accused. With Rolling Stone publicly crashing and burning on a faux campus rape story that was set up by an Obama Administration advisor, you would think that Lamar Alexander would be more careful. But he seems just fine pushing campus rape hysteria. The Daily Caller reports, “Senate Plans One-Sided Sexual Assault Panel.” The U.S. Senate is planning Read more […]

New Company to Get Government Money after Solyndra

Solyndra was a horrible embarrassment, but the government is ready to start shoveling money at another company. Over at Doreen Borelli’s website, Tom Borelli has written an interesting piece: “Guess which Fortune 500 Company Might Get $259 Million Loan from Energy Department.” Corporatism is blooming like flowers this spring. The Department of Energy (DOE) recently announced that its revised loan program has given a preliminary loan commitment for $259 million to Alcoa – the aluminum Read more […]

Charged With Child Porn: Lamar Alexander’s Chief-Of-Staff’s Death Ruled Suicide

I posted about the arrest of Ryan Loskarn back before Christmas and how it might or might not be related to other interesting stories that have popped up in Washington DC. I wondered what we would find out as the investigation and trial proceeded. Since dead men tell no tales, we might not learn much. Loskarn’s body was discovered in his parent’s basement. Prosecutors and defense attorneys had agreed to give more time for filing an indictment—perhaps in hope of reaching a plea deal. Thus Read more […]

Tennessee’s Lamar Alexander: The Anti-Tea-Party Senator

Lamar Alexander is a “moderate” Republican running for his third term in the Senate who has a really good chance of winning the primary despite his more conservative opponent. Because of this, Alexander is using his campaign to give a propaganda victory to the many in the GOP who are warring against the Tea Party. He is doing this by openly speaking out against them. Independent analysts and strategists in both parties think Alexander has a good chance of winning his primary against a low-profile Read more […]